Creating a Modern and
Goal-Centric Website

Goals For over 85 years, ERSRI has been helping public employees prepare for retirement. Starting from hiring, their services continue throughout the member’s career and retirement. One of ERSRI’s primary goals is to provide timely and accurate information to their member—using tools and technologies that make retirement information easily accessible to all. ERSRI had a…

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Enhanced the Online Presence of a Government Agency

Fort Bend County 33

Goals Located just southwest of the City of Houston, Fort Bend County has a long history which began when a small log fort was built on the banks of the Brazos River to help protect the settlers moving onto Stephen F. Austin’s original Mexican land grants. In fact, the county draws its name from that…

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Lead Generation and Improved Digital Presence for a Local Business

all american turf beauty website home page1

Goals Despite their positive reputation, All American Turf Beauty approached eWay Corp in need of assistance with their website and overall online presence. Their digital presence was minimal, and they were not generating much business from their website.  We needed to establish their digital footprint within the local target market while promoting and augmenting the…

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eCommerce Store for a Carwash Company

National Carwash Solutions website home page

Goals National Carwash Services approached eWay Corp to design and develop a central database schema to support their eCommerce websites. They were looking for design and end-to-end solutions for each of their three brands. Additionally, National Carwash Services wanted a sales tax configuration, a shipping integration with FedEx, and a customer payments solution for credit…

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Unify Multiple Brands Under a Single Identity

Provisur Technologies website home page

Goals Provisur Technologies is a leading industrial food processing equipment manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a global network of sales and service locations. They help customers achieve high performance by offering a portfolio of leading equipment brands across applications. Their portfolio also includes their own proprietary technologies and a range of automation and customizing…

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