AWS Cloud Is a Good Support to IT Governance Framework 

IT Governance 3

Do you want to stay updated about the public cloud computing landscape? Are you fascinated to see the changes that are brought to the public cloud infrastructure? If yes, then you are on the right blog post. We all know that AWS re: Invent 2022 saw many announcements. Among several announcements, one news that might…

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AWS for Manufacturing Industry: A Comprehensive Guide 


Feeling nervous about moving to the cloud is natural. However, studies have shown that the advantages of the cloud can bypass such fear and anxiety that one might have. Reference to the AWS Cloud is often made with respect to different industry verticals, such as AWS for Nonprofits, AWS for Government, AWS for Higher Education,…

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Things to Know about BigCommerce Checkout 


The checkout page is the magic page of any eCommerce site where we get to see the conversion. It helps convert visitors to actual buyers. That is to say, the experience a user goes through on the checkout page becomes a deciding factor as to whether the conversion will take place or not. Most importantly, if…

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Magento 2 Upgrade: A Comprehensive Guide


Do you still run your eCommerce store on Magento 1 platform? Yes! Then it is high time to go for Magento 2 upgrade. Need a reason for such a move? Well, the birth of Magento 2 centers around numerous innovations which are not available in its earlier version, i.e., Magento 1. In other words, Magento…

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