Boost your Conversion Rate With these 5 Web Design Principles

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According to research conducted by True List, 90% of online shoppers say that they immediately leave sites with bad web design. Additionally, the average internet user forms an opinion about a website in less than a second, and 75% of users will judge a brand’s credibility based on their website alone. All of this means…

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Tips to Improve your Website’s User Experience

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Your website is the 24/7 salesman of your business. Especially in today’s marketing landscape, your website’s user experience has become the most powerful tool. Believe it or not, user experience has become the centerpiece and has the potential to be the core of all your marketing efforts.  Therefore, it’s important to design a site’s user…

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9 Reasons for Choosing Magento as your eCommerce Platform

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The success of your online business largely depends on the e-commerce platform you choose. With e-commerce development becoming increasingly popular and a variety of platforms being available, choosing the best platform can be an arduous task. While selecting an e-commerce platform, look for the generalized features as well as those that are suitable for your…

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Check Out these Magento eCommerce Development Trends for 2021

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With online shopping being the trend of the time, eCommerce development has been in demand for several years. This demand has resulted in the emergence of different eCommerce development platforms. Magento is a well-recognized eCommerce development platform having many innovative features. Magento eCommerce development platform is loved by online marketers and developers for its host…

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eWay Corp is Now an AWS WAF Delivery Partner

aws waf

eWay Corp is excited to announce that we have been named as an AWS WAF Delivery Partner. AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a powerful tool that helps protect web applications or APIs from common web exploits that may interfere with security, consume a lot of resources, or affect availability. The Delivery Partner can leverage…

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