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We Got Your Back

Whether you need website support services, ongoing maintenance, or additional technical support services to supplement what you already have, we've got your back.

Some of our clients have most of their development taken care of but just need a little extra support when it comes to specific issues or complex roadblocks. We love to fill in those gaps whenever needed, our team is trained to step in and deliver to the highest standards.

Support You Can Trust

eWay Corp exists to build rewarding, lasting relationships with our clients by providing exceptional support. We'll work tirelessly until your problem is solved, and that's a promise.

  • Tailored Support
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Support Agreement
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Say Yes to Our 24/7 Support Services


Our Support Services

A secure, fast, and well-developed website is not enough. You need consistent and thorough maintenance to really see your online presence thrive.

  • CMS upgrades & maintenance
  • Software support
  • Cloud support & maintenance
  • Digital marketing assistance
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Cloud support & maintenance
  • ADA compliance
  • Web & mobile design support
  • eCommerce maintenance & support

Support That Works With You, Not Against You

Innovative & quick solutions for all your challenges with 24/7 reliable support

Web Security


A safe and secure website/application can set your business up for success and help you avoid compromised data, lost time & money, and wasted effort down the road. eWay Corp will help you achieve a secure website and can work directly with your IT team to determine the best plan to meet your company’s security requirements.

Cloud Support

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Cloud management is all about deploying, maintaining, monitoring, and running applications in the cloud. Our cloud experts make it easy for your organization to host and manage your mission-critical applications in the cloud. Leverage our AWS hosting services to help bring the benefits of cloud technology to your business.

ADA Compliance

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Your website is required by law to be ADA compliant and accessible to those with disabilities. eWay Corp ensures that your online presence not only follows ADA guidelines but cultivates a user-friendly experience for all visitors which, in turn, will lead to more loyal customers and support.

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What Our Clients are Saying


"We migrated our cloud service without any problems. We had experienced problems with our old cloud network with slow downs and connectivity issues. After the smooth transition, when we had an initial slow down in speed after migration, the problem was fixed quickly and not an issue in the months since. eWay Corp exceeded our expectations and was instrumental in making the cloud changes."

Jeffrey Barber
Brewer Food Service

"eWay Corp has been a great partner. They worked closely with our agency to develop our website and these two companies are now working together on a refresh. On the rare occasion when we've had a problem with our website, usually error during an update the staff is responsive. We've also shared some ideas with eWay Corp staff and, understanding our limited budget, they have been very honest about the expense involved, helping us decide whether we move forward with an idea or not."

Lee Ann Bakros
Des Moines Playhouse

"eWay Corp and its founder JP Singh respect Strategic America’s mission to find a better way, always for each client that we work with. They are prompt, reliable, innovative, flexible, competitively priced and most importantly, they supply fantastic customer experience."

Brianne Larson
Sr. Project Manager, Strategic America

"eWay Corp also brings a good depth of knowledge to each project to ensure we’re thinking through everything at the front end of the process. The diversity of their products and expertise have helped us reposition our interactive services and provide custom solutions to meet our client's challenges."

Dan Barnes
Managing Director, Two Rivers Marketing