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It's our privilege to support our nonprofit clients who inspire us with their work, every day.

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Our priority is getting to know you and helping you spread your message and vision. The character, values, morals, outlook, and personality of your nonprofit play a huge role in crafting the perfect website or application. From strategy and design to functionality and messaging-we consider every detail to deliver a customized solution that best represents you and your mission.

Things Our Nonprofit Clients Expect

  • Message & brand identity development
  • Mission-centric design
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Donation & fundraising solutions
  • Membership solutions
  • Online marketing solutions
  • CRM integration

Empowering You is Our Promise


Nonprofit Software Solutions

Most commonly our nonprofit clients come to us with issues related to event management, donor databases, volunteer recruitment, virtual fundraising events, and community outreach. eWay Corp's top priority is to solve all of these challenges and more, which is why our team is dedicated to getting to know you better so we can provide you with the tools and technology needed to fulfill your goals. We build databases, manage the infrastructure, and create unique messaging to get your voice out into the community. eWay Corp specializes in finding creative ways for nonprofits to manage their daily and longterm operations, so you can focus on serving the community.


Making a Difference

Ensuring Nonprofits Like Yours Are Prepared for the Future of Tech

Protecting Your Data


Your contacts, donors, and volunteers form the foundation of your nonprofit, which is why our top priority is keeping this information secure in databases that are monitored 24/7. Gain insight into how eWay Corp can help protect you and optimize your data at the same time.


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Our mission is to shift our nonprofit clients to cloud-based infrastructure because it's a sustainable solution for many challenges faced by nonprofits today. eWay Corp is dedicated to meeting you where you are by creating custom budgets to match your needs, without compromising on quality.

Simple Solutions

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We want to make your life easier. eWay Corp builds solutions with easy update functions, flexible form management, and intuitive event and database management. After each build, we put control back in your hands so you can keep your website fresh and beautiful with ease, on your terms.

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Our Clients

What Our Clients are Saying


"We migrated our cloud service without any problems. We had experienced problems with our old cloud network with slow downs and connectivity issues. After the smooth transition, when we had an initial slow down in speed after migration, the problem was fixed quickly and not an issue in the months since. eWay Corp exceeded our expectations and was instrumental in making the cloud changes."

Jeffrey Barber
Brewer Food Service

"eWay Corp has been a great partner. They worked closely with our agency to develop our website and these two companies are now working together on a refresh. On the rare occasion when we've had a problem with our website, usually error during an update the staff is responsive. We've also shared some ideas with eWay Corp staff and, understanding our limited budget, they have been very honest about the expense involved, helping us decide whether we move forward with an idea or not."

Lee Ann Bakros
Des Moines Playhouse

"eWay Corp and its founder JP Singh respect Strategic America’s mission to find a better way, always for each client that we work with. They are prompt, reliable, innovative, flexible, competitively priced and most importantly, they supply fantastic customer experience."

Brianne Larson
Sr. Project Manager, Strategic America

"eWay Corp also brings a good depth of knowledge to each project to ensure we’re thinking through everything at the front end of the process. The diversity of their products and expertise have helped us reposition our interactive services and provide custom solutions to meet our client's challenges."

Dan Barnes
Managing Director, Two Rivers Marketing