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Drupal 10.1: Drupal 10’s First Feature Release Out for Users 

Kiran Singh September 1, 2023 7 MIN READ

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Drupal 10.1 is now available! Well, it is the first feature release of Drupal 10. And the best part of it is that it comes with a lot of enhancements. This is going to not only make the task of customizing the look of a site easier but also offer support for decoupled navigation. 

Drupal 10.1: What’s New?

Drupal 10.1 What’s New

Wondering, what’s new in this latest Drupal update, i.e., Drupal 10.1?  

In this blog post, let’s take you through the list of improvements brought to Drupal 10.1. 

Customizing Drupal Just Got Simpler!

  • Introduced the experimental Single Directory Components module, which bundles template, style, and JavaScript files together. 
  • Twig template debugging and caching settings are now easily accessible on an admin page. 
  • New Twig filters, add_class and set_attribute, make markup manipulation a breeze. 

Decoupled Navigation Boosted with Dedicated Support

  • Drupal 10.1.0 introduces new APIs for fetching menus using the Linkset standard. 

Content Editing? Easier Than Ever!

  • CKEditor comes with enhancements, including an autoformat feature that recognizes lists and headers. 
  • Source code examples now offer customizable language options. 

Streamlined Content Modeling and Management

  • The user interface has been revamped to reuse existing fields, aiding site builders in creating content models. 
  • Text fields can enforce specific text formats, simplifying the content editor’s interface. 
  • A new floating action bar for bulk operations reduces space usage. 
  • Unified entity revision editing experience for better content version management. 

More Flexibility in Block and Page Management

  • Create custom blocks directly under the Structure in the admin interface. 
  • New permissions allow block management per type. 
  • New option in Views for creating pages using the administration theme. 

Faster Page Performance

  • BigPipe now supports interface previews for delayed content. 
  • Lazy loading for responsive images and oEmbed content. 
  • Faster time to first byte on cache misses with on-the-fly JavaScript minification. 
  • AJAX request type can be configured for faster response times. 

Well, here is just a basic overview of the improvements brought to Drupal 10.1. Now, let’s take you through a detailed overview of these enhancements that you will get to see in 10.1. 

Detailed Overview of Enhancements to Drupal 10.1

What will you get to see in the latest update to Drupal 10’s latest version Drupal 10.1? 

Read on to know more. 

Exciting New Modules

A brand-new experimental module called Single Directory Components has been added to Drupal 10.1. In addition to providing easy-to-use admin page access to Twig template debugging and render caching options, this new functionality bundles template, style, and JavaScript files together for components.  

To make manipulating markup in field templates simpler, new Twig filters have also been implemented. These are just a few of the exciting additions that will take your website to the next level. 

Decoupled Navigation

Drupal is often used as a foundational tool for creating fully integrated decoupled applications. With the introduction of Drupal 10.1.0, there are now new APIs that adhere to the Linkset standard for fetching menus set up in Drupal. Since there is no need for hard-code navigation, even a non-developer will be able to control application menus. 

What does support for decoupled navigation mean? It means your website can have separate front-end and back-end systems. This makes your site faster and more flexible. And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use it! 

To put it simply, in a decoupled environment Drupal 10.1 is going to make the task of managing navigation between content elements much simpler. This enhancement allows developers to offer non-developers a straightforward way to manage their menus. 

Improved Content Modeling and Editing

Content is king. We all know that and with Drupal 10.1, managing your content is going to be very easy. Whether you’re planning to add a new blog post or planning to update the product page, the enhanced content modeling and editing features ensure that your content shines. 

In Drupal 10.1, CKEditor comes with a lot of improvements. It now includes auto-formatting. This means users will now be able to add shortcodes for formatting content quickly. 

Boosted Performance

Nobody likes slow websites. That’s why Drupal 10.1 has amped up its performance. With better block management, your website will load faster, keeping your visitors happy and engaged. This latest version offers flexible block management. 

Regarding blocks, Drupal 10.1 allows users to craft custom blocks directly within the Structure segment of the admin interface. The system offers detailed permissions, enabling easy review and potential reversal of block content revisions. 

Enhanced Page Loading

In Drupal 10.1, BigPipe has introduced support for interface previews of delayed content, enhancing the user experience by minimizing page reflows. Drupal 10.1 also offers features that accelerate the initial page load, such as the capability to lazy load responsive images and set oEmbed content for lazy loading. 

Flexible Content Management

Drupal 10.1 simplifies the process of establishing uniform content models through its updated user interface, which facilitates the reuse of existing fields. The content editing process is now more efficient, with text fields that can mandate particular text formats. Moreover, the integrated entity revision editing feature enhances the management of previous content versions, regardless of whether they are in content blocks, nodes, or other entity types. 

Other Updates from Drupal House

Here are some of the other interesting updates from Drupal that you should know. 

Stay Secure with the Latest Features

Online security is crucial, and Drupal 10.1 has got you covered. With the latest security updates and bug fixes, you can have peace of mind knowing your website is in safe hands. 

Automated Accessibility Testing

Drupal just introduced a fresh test version of the Announcements module right into its core. What does this mean? This means that now, site admins can easily catch up with all the important updates from the Drupal project directly on your Drupal site. 

Making Websites Friendly for Everyone!

Drupal cares about everyone. With the new update, they’ve added tests to make sure the website is friendly and easy to use for all people. That is exciting! 

Drupal: A Recognized Digital Public Good

Drupal 10.1 is the first release since Drupal was approved as a Digital Public Good by the Digital Public Good Alliance. 

The Need for Upgrading

The Need for Upgrading

Still on Drupal 10? You are immediately advised to go for a Drupal upgrade. This will allow you to upgrade your website to Drupal’s latest version and keep it protected from any kind of security threats or vulnerabilities and even from hackers.  

In short, by upgrading to Drupal 10.1, you will not only be enjoying the latest bug fixes but also security updates. So, if you are planning for an upgrade, eWay Corp is ready to help you out. 

Read More

To learn more about this Drupal 10.1 release, you can read the blog post published on Drupal.org. For more technical information, refer to the release notes available on the Drupal website. 


With Drupal 10.1, customizing your website just got a whole lot easier. Remember those days when you’d spend hours trying to tweak your site’s look?  Well, those days are gone! Now, with a few clicks, you can give your website the makeover it needs. 

What are you waiting for? To upgrade your site, call our Drupal experts today! 

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