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WordPress 6.3.1: The Latest Release from WordPress featured image

WordPress 6.3.1: The Latest Release from WordPress 

Mansi Pragya August 30, 2023 5 MIN READ

Web Development

WordPress 6.3.1: The Latest Release from WordPress featured image

Attention, WordPress website owners! The WordPress team has recently announced the availability of WordPress 6.3.1 Maintenance Release. Although considered a minor release; this release comes with 10 bug fixes. So, in WordPress 6.3.1. WordPress developers will get to see 4 fixes have been made to the WordPress Core and 6 fixes have been made to the WordPress Block Editor.  

Know Your WordPress

Well, we all know that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that powers millions of websites across the globe. Whether you are a blogger, own an online store, or have a business website, chances are you’re using WordPress to manage your content. And that’s where WordPress’s latest version, WordPress 6.3.1 comes into the picture. 

WordPress 6.3.1 Release Date

On 29th August 2023, WordPress 6.3.1 was officially released to the public. The latest release comes with several essential updates.  

The maintenance release closely follows the second major release of the year i.e., WordPress 6.3. The WordPress 6.3 version was made available to the public on 8th August 2023 at 3.00 PM ET. 

Short-Cycle Release

WordPress 6.3.1 is categorized as a short-cycle release. This means that while it brings essential updates, it’s not a major overhaul of the platform.  

The next significant release to look forward to is version 6.4, slated for November 2023. In other words, the next major version of WordPress is version WordPress 6.4. This version is currently planned for a November release. 

WordPress 6.3.1: Things You Need to Know

Well, the latest WordPress 6.3.1 version release is considered a maintenance release, since it deals with bug fixing rather than adding any new functionality.  

Let’s dive into what this new release brings to the table. 

The Pre-release: WordPress 6.3.1 RC1

Before the official release of WordPress 6.3.1, the WordPress core development team ensured that Release Candidate 1 (RC1) was available for testing. This step is crucial for the development process as it allows for real-world testing and feedback from the WordPress developers. Thus, ensuring that the final release is as polished as possible. 

The Release of WordPress 6.3.1

We all know that WordPress 6.3.1 is now officially available. This version is a minor release but brings with it several essential updates. It is: 

Bug Fixes

The release addresses 4 core bug fixes and an additional 6 for the block editor. These fixes aim to enhance the overall user experience and rectify any issues from previous versions. 

What Are Those Fixes?

Wondering what those fixes are? We will take you through it. 

The fixes made to the Block Editor are: 

  • Editor: Incorrect error handling when converting classic to block menus 
  • Footnotes: Fix recursion into updating attributes when attributes are not an object 
  • Footnotes: autosave is not slashing JSON. 
  • Footnotes: fix accidental override 
  • Footnotes: checking type before using count () 
  • Multiple blocks select cut and paste failing 

The fixes made to the WordPress Core are: 

Fix crash by moving editor style logic into a hook with useMemo 

Update npm packages with critical bugfixes for 6.3.1 

Revert the last instance of str_starts_with() in update-core.php 

Fatal error on single-site get_users() under certain circumstances 

How to Update WordPress in Easy Steps?

Want to update your WordPress? No worries. Let’s go through it step by step: 

Backup First!

Before we start, make sure to save a copy of your website. This way, if something goes wrong, you can get your website back. 

Automatic Updates

If you have WordPress 3.7 or newer, it can update by itself for small changes. But for big updates, you’ll need to click “Update Now”. 

WordPress 6.3.1: Automatic Updates

For WordPress sites that support automatic background updates, the transition to 6.3.1 will be seamless. The update process will initiate automatically.  

However, if you prefer manual updates, you can download WordPress 6.3.1 directly or access it via your WordPress Dashboard. In case a manual update isn’t your thing, call eWay Corp experts to carry out a seamless WordPress upgrade.  

One-Click Update

For this update, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard. 
  • Look for the “Updates” section. 
  • Click on the “Update Now” button. 
  • Wait for a bit, and WordPress will do its thing! 

Manual Update (If One-Click Doesn’t Work)

To do the manual update, try these steps: 

  • Download the newest WordPress version from the website. 
  • Unzip the file you downloaded. 
  • On your website, remove the old ‘wp-includes’ and ‘wp-admin’ folders. 
  • Now, upload the new ‘wp-includes’ and ‘wp-admin’ folders from the file you unzipped. 
  • Also, upload the new files from the ‘wp-content’ folder, but don’t delete any of your old ones. 
  • Upload any other new files you see. 
  • Finish the Update 

Now, go to your WordPress admin page. It’s usually something like yourwebsite.com/wp-admin. 

If WordPress needs to update your database, it’ll tell you. Just click the link it gives you and follow along. 

Turn your plugins back on. 

After updating, go to your plugins and turn them back on. 

And you are done! 

That’s it! You’ve updated WordPress. Great job! 

Remember, if you ever get stuck, don’t hesitate to call eWay Corp.  

Where To Get WordPress 6.3.1?

Want to download WordPress 6.3.1? The process is pretty simple.  

You can download it from the WordPress.org site. Alternatively, you can log into the WordPress Dashboard, and click on “Updates”. This will take you to “Update Now”. Simply click on it and your website will be updated to WordPress 6.3.1. 

WordPress 6.3.1: A Community Effort

Behind every WordPress release is a team of dedicated contributors. The 6.3.1 release was led by Jb Audras and Andrew Ozz, with notable contributions from Sergey Biryukov and Isabel Brison.  

The collaborative nature of the WordPress community is evident in this release, with numerous contributors working asynchronously to deliver maintenance fixes. (Source: WordPress

Our Thoughts

The WordPress community is always buzzing with updates, and the recent release of WordPress 6.3.1 is no exception. As a website owner, it’s crucial for you to stay updated with these latest changes. Why? This will help you to ensure your site runs smoothly and efficiently.  

Professional Help

So, WordPress website owners, it’s time to give your website an update! If you don’t want to miss out on the newest features and security updates, call our experts today! For any WordPress upgrade requirement, schedule a call with our team now. 

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