Drupal Cache: The Secret to a High-Speed Website in 2023 

Ever wondered why some Drupal websites load at lightning speed while others seem to crawl? The secret might be hiding in plain sight: Drupal Cache. Yes, you heard it right! Drupal Cache is a powerful tool that can significantly boost your website’s speed, improve user experience, and even enhance your SEO rankings.   In this blog…

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10 Tips to Improve Drupal Website Performance 

Are you a business leader looking to gain an edge in today’s digital landscape? If your company relies on Drupal, a leading content management system, you’re already one step ahead. But are you leveraging the full potential of Drupal’s performance? Performance optimization is no longer optional; it’s a must-have for any competitive business.  So, let’s not waste…

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Brace Yourself for the Drupal 10 Release 

Drupal 10 image

If you attended the DrupalCon in Portland, 2022, you might know the Drupal 10 release was moved back a few months. But now we have some interesting news. Drupal 10 is set to be released in early December 2022.  As per official reports, Drupal 10 will finally launch on December 14, 2022. It is going…

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Why Host Your Drupal Website on AWS

drupal on aws

Hosting your Drupal website correctly is crucial as it can impact your website performance as well as your business revenues. Moving to cloud hosting helps you take advantage of the cloud’s agility and other rewarding features. You can boost your Drupal-powered website’s security, performance, and availability by backing it up on the robust server infrastructure…

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