AWS Cloud Is a Good Support to IT Governance Framework 

IT Governance 3

Do you want to stay updated about the public cloud computing landscape? Are you fascinated to see the changes that are brought to the public cloud infrastructure? If yes, then you are on the right blog post. We all know that AWS re: Invent 2022 saw many announcements. Among several announcements, one news that might…

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AWS for Manufacturing Industry: A Comprehensive Guide 


Feeling nervous about moving to the cloud is natural. However, studies have shown that the advantages of the cloud can bypass such fear and anxiety that one might have. Reference to the AWS Cloud is often made with respect to different industry verticals, such as AWS for Nonprofits, AWS for Government, AWS for Higher Education,…

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AWS for Higher Education
A Detailed Overview

AWS for higher education 1

AWS for higher education is a type of service rendered to colleges and universities by Amazon Web Services. However, the costs or discounts offered to colleges and universities might vary depending on the applications and solutions used by the colleges and universities.  The education sector has come a long way since the digital transformation. Gone…

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AWS for Healthcare
A Complete Guide

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In today’s age, AWS for healthcare is proving very helpful for healthcare organizations and healthcare providers. This is because healthcare organizations are going through a major shift. They are looking to digitize their services in order to take advantage of digital transformation.   Healthcare Sector – Going for AWS    Even a few years back, healthcare…

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AWS for Nonprofits
A Comprehensive Guide 

AWS for NonProfits 1

Hundreds and thousands of nonprofits and NGOs worldwide are using AWS for Nonprofits to build highly scalable websites or manage donor outreach programs, as well as fundraising efforts while keeping their mission centric.   It will not be wrong to say that nonprofits and non-governmental organizations from all around the globe are slowly increasing their association…

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