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Hosting, Security, & Support for an Advertising Agency


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In 2012, eWay Corp was introduced to an advertising agency that specialized in public relations, digital marketing, and creative solutions. Back then, the agency was looking for hosting services for approximately 40 websites.


eWay Corp was introduced to the advertising agency back in 2012. This advertising agency specialized in public relations, digital marketing, and creative solutions. The company had around 40 websites that needed hosting. What started as a hosting, security, and maintenance agreement had gradually morphed into a strategic technology partnership. Together the companies have built and delivered many solutions, including custom applications, eCommerce, web, and digital solutions.

Back in 2012, when the advertising agency first approached us, they were looking for custom website solutions and branding expertise. In addition to that, they wanted to shift resources from maintaining websites to building more websites. They also required additional technical support and consulting services.

Over the period, eWay Corporation entered into a strategic business arrangement with the advertising agency with a broad range of services, including, but not limited to web hosting. At the time, the agency was housing approximately 40 sites.


eWay Corp has hosted around 40 – 150 software solutions for the client. Along with that, we provided thousands of hours of technical support and consulting services to the advertising agency. Our quality outputs and timely service delivery generated exception growth. Altogether, our expert technical solutions have helped the company include additional products and services to its portfolio.

eWay Corp has provided approximately 30 solutions to this client, four new employees have been added to its Interactive team, and the company has seen strong growth over the last three years. Our association also helped the advertising agency evolve into a leading software solution provider in eCommerce, web, and digital solutions. We are proud to say that we have been able to help them grow their business.

eWay Corp also provided the following

  • Added 4 new employees to the Interactive team because of growth
  • Built the last three company websites, a product site, and an intranet
  • Provide approximately 30 solutions to clients
  • Highly exponential growth