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Naropa University WordpressMigration

Website Development and Content Migration


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Naropa University is a private college founded in 1974 by a Tibetan Buddhist teacher in Boulder, Colorado. The university is Buddhist-inspired and offers non-traditional studies and activities such as meditation.


Naropa University offers academic, personal, and spiritual journeys that challenge them, transform their lives, and help them make a difference in our world. The university offers opportunities to engage with the world through rigorous academic study, meaningful internship experiences, and community engagement projects. They had multiple websites reflecting different modules.

Naropa University approached eWay Corp because they needed an agency that was able to migrate their website. They had already started a redesign with a different company but decided to move their project elsewhere when migration became a priority. Once the migration was complete, eWay Corp continued to work with Naropa University to create and implement further solutions to ensure that the university website was efficient, organized, and user-friendly.


Firstly, eWay Corp migrated the Naropa University website to WordPress, improving the site’s overall functionality and seamlessly integrating it with the campus, school, and program sub-sites. We also created and implemented a dynamic course catalog and faculty catalog to showcase the university.

We introduced a complete FAQ system for different activities/departments. It contained categories pertinent to each department. In addition to that eWay Corp also created a customer portal for Naropa University where the students could create an account, log in, and sign up for their desired programs. It was an organization-wide feature with links to customers’ multiple departmental/program information. This portal also allowed their staff to send and receive documents/messages directly to and from customers. 

Additionally, eWay Corp also designed faculty and course pages, created an editor-to-publisher workflow to keep track of content updates, and integrated all sub-websites into one site.

eWay Corp also provided the following

  • Migrated Naropa University website to WordPress
  • Created dynamic course catalog and faculty catalog
  • Designed editor-to-publisher workflow to keep track of content updates
  • Implemented Beaver Builder-an easy-to-use WordPress page builder
  • United all sub-websites into one
  • Created a simple solution for giving donations on the website
  • Set up Gravity Forms for the contact information collection
  • Implemented a chat box
  • Created a “virtual tour” section on the website