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Technology & Digital Solutions for a PR Agency


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Two Rivers Marketing is a full-service PR & marketing agency based out of Des Moines, Iowa. In addition to being a fully integrated B2B marketing agency, Two Rivers also offers website development services.


Two Rivers Marketing is one of the nation’s leading full-service B2B marketing agencies. They are headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.

Two Rivers Marketing was positioned as a traditional public relations agency. However, in this modern tech-savvy world, they were in dire need of a digital upgrade & superior technological solutions to match up to their client’s needs. The company was lacking the internal skillsets to do the work. They were looking for low-risk investment solutions. That’s when one of our former clients suggested eWay Corp to them.

We needed to establish a brand’s digital footprint while promoting its long-standing reputation with its target market. eWay Corp approached each primary challenge individually to deliver results quickly. Firstly we needed to create a new mobile-first website for Two Rivers Marketing.


We needed to establish Two Rivers’ digital footprint among its target market while promoting its long-standing reputation. eWay Corp approached each primary challenge individually to deliver results in a brief time. Two Rivers Marketing’s website was outdated, so we needed to build a mobile-first website. To make it more attractive & user-friendly, we also optimized various design and functional elements of the website. Our focus then shifted to reimagine their entire online presence. We collaborated with the Two Rivers team and took the necessary steps to generate substantial online leads. Gradually we began to drive incremental revenue from existing clients and convert prospects into clients.

Moving forward, eWay Corp assisted with additional products and services to Two Rivers Marketing and became their true technology solutions provider. Ever since, the firm has been able to deliver custom software solutions such as applications, eCommerce, web, and digital solutions.

eWay Corp also provided the following

  • Designed & built a user-friendly, mobile-first website
  • Reimagined UX/UI for a beautiful, clean, modern design
  • Identified specific strategic locations to gain conversions
  • Added 5 team members in Interactive Services
  • Provided 25 solutions to its clients
  • Higher-quality outputs and employee development
  • Built on the best technology solutions and products