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Unify Multiple Brands Under a Single Identity


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Manufacturing / Design /

Provisur, a food processing equipment manufacturing company and a subsidiary of CC Industries, approached us to unify its multiple brands under a single identity. Their old website was a disjointed experience that listed all their manufacturing brands, each of which linked off to a non- client-managed specific brand website. They were looking for a simple, intuitive, and organized navigation with an easy-to-understand hierarchical structure.


Provisur Technologies is a leading industrial food processing equipment manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a global network of sales and service locations. They help customers achieve high performance by offering a portfolio of leading equipment brands across applications. Their portfolio also includes their own proprietary technologies and a range of automation and customizing solutions.

Our primary goal was to unify Provisur Technologies multiple brands under a single identity. Their old website offered a disjointed experience. Though it listed all their manufacturing brands, the links were being redirected to a non-client-managed specific brand website. This resulted in a complex navigational system that sent users away from the primary company website and into a separate website entirely. This undoubtedly complicated the browsing experience for users. We needed to build a mobile-first website with organized navigation and an easy-to-understand hierarchical structure. Additionally, we also needed to create translation content for their audience’s native languages (English, French, Spanish, and German).


Provisur undoubtedly needed a complete design overhaul and a complete content re-do. A design agency out of Illinois helped us in this regard. eWay led the efforts on the organizational and technical requirements. Additionally, we helped in the development of content consolidation strategies, wireframes, and sitemaps. On the other hand, our partnering agency oversaw the design aesthetic and copywriting for the website. Together, we delivered a clean, multi-lingual site that unified the brands and gave intuitive navigational options to find the right product.

eWay Corp also provided the following

  • Custom theme developed for Provisur on the Drupal platform
  • Custom responsive mobile-first website templates
  • Universal integrated search mechanism, developed for indexing various categories
  • Custom modules facilitating the search for product attributes: finding products by application, type, equipment, brand, and machine size was made easy
  • Hooks to a platform for passing translations for all content into French, German and Spanish
  • Content translation across all categories—content, navigational elements, breadcrumbs, and labels.
  • AWS cloud migration