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wordpress high availability aws

Benefits of having a Highly Available WordPress Website on AWS

eWay Corp December 22, 2020 2 MIN READ

Web Development

wordpress high availability aws

Every business owner wants their website to become a magnet of traffic and conversions. So, if you’ve built an enterprise WordPress website and are ready to launch it in the web world, instead of relying on a single instance, why not create a resilient hosting environment for your enterprise WordPress website that’s fault-tolerant, which can also ensure maximum performance, uptime, and availability of your website?

Earlier, building such an environment would have been an expensive and complicated process, for which you would have needed to host hardware at several datacenters, and manage networking, load balancers, database servers, and web servers. The complexity and cost involved might have outweighed the benefits, considering you’ve built a simple WordPress website.

Thankfully, this is not the case any longer with AWS (Amazon Web Services) Public Cloud. All the above components will still be required, but you can access all of them via the AWS console itself. With AWS services, you pay only for what you use, instead of paying for costly hardware that’s not always in use.

Setting up your enterprise WordPress website on AWS high availability infrastructure protects businesses from the adverse effects of a service outage. In this post, we’ll look at what is high availability and why your business needs it.

What is High Availability?

Highly available systems continue to operate even when there is a failure of critical components, making them reliable. These systems are also resilient enough to handle failure without any data loss or disruption of service, and they can also recover from failure seamlessly.

High availability (HA) is measured usually as a percentage of uptime. The high availability degree is commonly indicated by using the number of ‘nines.’ For example, ‘four nines’ indicates a system that’s up 99.99% of the time and is down for only 52.6 minutes in an entire year.

You can implement a highly available system with the following elements:

1. Redundancy

Make sure that components of critical systems have an identical component comprising the same data, which can take over if any failure occurs.

2. Monitoring

Identify issues in production systems that could cause disruptions or degradation of service.

3. Failover

This involves the ability of switching to a redundant component from an active component of the system in case of any degraded functionality or performance, failure, or imminent failure.

4. Failback

This involves the ability of switching back to the primary active component of the system from the redundant component, after recovery from failure.

High availability systems also consist of comprehensive strategies to carry out backup and recovery in case of any data destruction or corruption. Full data backups along with incremental testing make sure that there is data integrity to prevent any problems with customer authentication, billing, and other sensitive business operations.

High availability primarily aims to eliminate single points of failure in your infrastructure and systems, which would result in interruption of your services or operations.

Redundancy, accompanied by methods to detect failures and take corrective measures, helps in keeping your systems well-functioning and operating at peak efficiency.

Amazon high availability

Image source: docs.aws.amazon.com

Choose WordPress High Availability AWS

You might wonder why you should set up your enterprise WordPress website on high availability AWS infrastructure. Well, even short spans of downtime can lead to considerable loss for your business, which may include hindered access to critical data, incomplete purchases, and damaged brand reputation.

Direct monetary loss indeed can be significant; but when your customers lose trust in your brand/business, that can create long-term hindrances to growth and success.

High availability architecture’s purpose is to ensure that your website, server, or application can withstand several types of failures and various demand loads with the least amount of downtime possible. By having a high availability infrastructure in place for your enterprise WordPress website, and following the best practices for WordPress on AWS, your business can attain maximum reliability and productivity.

By hosting your enterprise WordPress website on highly available AWS infrastructure, you can ensure minimal downtime and automatic recovery from data center, availability zone, server, network and storage subsystem failures.

In Conclusion

Considering the valuable benefits of setting up your enterprise WordPress website on AWS’s highly available infrastructure, gear up to make your system highly available.

If you’re looking for a direction to do so, our AWS experts will be happy to help you! Our AWS team at eWay Corp has expertise on WordPress website set up on AWS and AWS WordPress best practices. We can shoulder the responsibility of WordPress website’s high availability on AWS for your business. Request a consultation with one of our AWS professionals today!

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