Hosting Solutions for Anyone

With eWay Corps’ dedication to helping each client grow in the best way possible, we have the capability and drive to custom build any managed hosting package to suit your needs. Here are our initial packages to get started.

24×7 Support Center Access
Web Hosting
CMS and Plugin Updates Quarterly Monthly Weekly
Daily Backups 7 Day Retention 14 Day Retention
Case Response SLA (Phone & Email)
During Business Hours 8 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
During Off-business Hours 72 Hours 48 Hours 24 Hours
During Weekend and Holidays 72 Hours 48 Hours 24 Hours
Monthly Traffic Reports
Downtime Monitoring
Audit Log
Virus Scanning Every 24 hours Every 12 Hours
Dedicated Service Contact
Monthly Investment $275* $375* $475*

* Prices are meant to be a minimum cost and are subject to change based on hosted site requirements.


The following items pertain to the CMS and Plugin or Module updates

  • If the client performs updates internally or through a third party and breaks the functionality of the site, this is a breach of the signed SLA and will be considered outside this contract.
  • Covers the updates to a normal number of plugins/modules (less than 30). If there is an extensive number of plugins/modules on the site, there will be an additional monthly fee.
  • Major CMS versions will be inspected for an upgrade process. If a major CMS upgrade has changed the structure, this will need to be estimated out. A major CMS upgrade is from version 4.x.x to version 5.x.x.
  • eWay Corp is not responsible for the cost of paid plugins/modules.