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AWS cloud computing 11

It’s the Right Time to Choose AWS Cloud Computing

eWay Corp May 4, 2020 2 MIN READ


AWS cloud computing 11

Now is the perfect time to move your business to the cloud. Now more than ever, this crisis has taught us that if you want to protect your business, you need to find smart solutions. This pandemic has shown us that cloud infrastructure is a must for a business to adapt to the changing use of technology across the globe. That’s why migration to cloud and using AWS cloud computing solutions seems to be the smartest thing to do right now. This switch is inevitable in future, because your business will have to be scalable and adaptive in order to remain sustainable.

Reliability is one of the key reasons to choose AWS cloud computing 

AWS has been one of the front runners in cloud computing for over a decade now. The platform has evolved over the years to meet the requirements of all enterprises. Both the functionality and the technology behind the platform have been carefully fine-tuned to meet any kind of crisis.

When you host an application or a site in AWS, you are assured of stability and availability to all users across locations. In this era of remote work environments, it becomes easy to access your data literally from anywhere on an AWS cloud platform. You will also have access to the AWS console which is free for all users. Even those who are in the free tier can access AWS Console and have a view of each and every software and hardware available on this platform.

AWS cloud platform service automated multi-region backups

EBS and AMI snapshots are the different backup methods used for AWS cloud computing. The decentralized nature of the AWS cloud platform service makes it easy to store critical data in different geographical locations. Think about the situation now. A lot of organizations fear that their data will be compromised since the primary production environment has been taken offline. With AWS offering infrastructure as a service, your backup data will be safe and secured.

One of the most common questions we get is can the cloud still support us if there is a sudden surge in the number of people who start to work remotely? There will be more data input from more users across locations who will want to connect to databases. This, in turn, can pose a data bottleneck and a resultant security risk. To address this concern, AWS has recently put out a statement stating that they are confident in meeting customer demands in response to COVID-19, which is a relief for most users.

Speed is a virtue with Amazon Cloud Services

Those who have already experienced a hosted web service will understand the pain of slow deployment speed. With traditional providers taking 48-96 hours to provision a server, AWS cloud computing services can accomplish it within minutes. Using AMI or Amazon Machine Images, you can successfully deploy your machines within minutes and prepare it to accept connections in that short time span.

Now think of a scenario where 90% of your employees are working from remote locations. Everyone needs access to business-specific applications that run in a public cloud environment from their homes. With the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) feature in cloud computing supporting the existing applications of a business, it’s easy to figure out this disbursement of information.

A lot of e-commerce platforms run promotions generating huge traffic at specific intervals, especially now when everyone is relying on online platforms. With AWS cloud infrastructure services, you can easily handle the demand when there’s such a spike. It’s a flexible mechanism because the Cloud formation Templates can be used to roll out multiple environments when there’s a rise in traffic. Similarly, it can be rolled down when there’s no such requirement.

Cloud Computing in AWS is convenient to use

The cloud environment is new to many of us; AWS is designed for ease of use for people in all roles. Be it migration or deploying a web application, everything can be done within minutes. With services like Elastic Beanstalk in AWS cloud computing, you don’t need to worry about configuring a server or writing additional code.

Whether you want to move from local hardware or switch from a competitor like Google Cloud or MS Azure, it will be a seamless process. Supporting open codes, AWS ensures quick integration with different platforms. This is good news for all the new organizations that are taking the crucial decision of shifting to AWS cloud during the pandemic.

With AWS, you have the liberty to choose databases, programming languages, OS, and other services in the virtual environment. For a person who has just gotten acquainted with the cloud, this works perfectly. It’s easy to load the required applications or software on cloud and use it as per your convenience.

Uncompromised Security on your AWS platform

If you want, you can limit access to AWS resources by using IAM or Identity and Access Management. By choosing the permission level to access your resources in AWS, it’s possible to define the privileges for any kind of user action. Resultantly, a number of malpractices can be avoided.

As a user, you’ll be provided with VPC which allows you to host your services on a private network. This will not be accessible via the internet, initiating greater control on user intent and user access. The resources which are hosted in a private network can be accessed only via open-source services like OpenVPN or the Amazon VPN.

Efficient & Smooth Disaster Recovery Plan

For small and medium-sized businesses, data loss, or a small amount of downtime can be disastrous. This becomes more important in the present scenario where you can’t afford to lose either money or customers with prolonged downtime. AWS has a versatile platform which offers the right tools for a disaster recovery plan.

You may also rely on third-party services like the CloudRanger to simplify the disaster recovery plan. This service helps to quickly restore data across multiple regions if there’s an unprecedented disaster.

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