Conversion Rate Optimization
A Practical Guide 

Conversion Rate Optimization 699X511

Are you planning to embark on your conversion rate optimization (CRO) journey? If so, then you have made the right decision. The internet is flooded with billions of websites covering various domains. That means a profound number of pages are competing for traffic, clicks, and views.   In the event you are getting a fair amount…

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eCommerce UX: Essential Guide on Design Strategies

eCommerce UX 699X511

A website forms the first point of interaction for customers. So, ensure your customers / Visitors have good user experience when they visit your website. Remember, unless visitors have a good user experience, they will not turn into regular customers. Therefore, to make your casual visitors turn into potential leads and buyers, focusing on the…

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AWS for Nonprofits
A Comprehensive Guide 

AWS for NonProfits 1

Hundreds and thousands of nonprofits and NGOs worldwide are using AWS for Nonprofits to build highly scalable websites or manage donor outreach programs, as well as fundraising efforts while keeping their mission centric.   It will not be wrong to say that nonprofits and non-governmental organizations from all around the globe are slowly increasing their association…

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Shopify vs BigCommerce: The Big Debate 

Shopify vs BigCommerce 1

Shopify and BigCommerce are considered major players in the eCommerce industry. Although there are other shopping cart software, such as Magento, WooCommerce, etc., Shopify and BigCommerce have proven to be phenomenally successful for online store owners. In fact, the debate between Shopify vs BigCommerce shows that these two platforms have subtle but significant differences between…

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How Enhancing User Experience can Boost your Online Sales  

user experience 1

A website forms the face of any business. It defines the brand. Plus, it creates a positive impression on the visitors. So, business houses need to produce a bespoke website design that offers a great user experience (UX). One must remember, a poorly designed site will not only create a negative impression on the mind…

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