Getting Started with Amazon EC2

aws ec2

Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (or AWS EC2) is a compute platform that provides business owners with solutions for managing heavy workloads. It is essentially a way to rent cloud space that allows optimal processing, networking, and storage to facilitate all of a company’s computing needs. Amazon EC2 is a cost-effective option for high-performance…

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4 Reasons Why Government Agencies Should Move to the Cloud

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Though relatively new, the enormous benefits of Aws cloud computing especially for government agencies are inimitable. The reasons are simple- scalability, security, flexibility, and many more. No wonder Government agencies across the globe are reaping the benefits of AWS cloud-based infrastructure. But why this sudden shift towards AWS cloud Migration? Read on to find out.…

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6 Powerful Cloud Management Tools for Increased Business Efficiency

best cloud management tools

Cloud computing is one of the most valuable technologies of today. As cloud computing is evolving, there’s an increased need for cloud management tools. These tools help you to effectively manage public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. With the right cloud management tools, you can access the hardware and software resources, storage facilities, and processing…

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7 Useful Tips from Experts in Cloud Computing Security

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Many organizations feel worried about data breaches and cyber-attacks while considering a move to the cloud. As cloud experts, we understand your concerns, but remember that cloud computing security is not only a cloud provider’s responsibility, it’s yours as well. To ensure a secure environment in the cloud, we give you 7 vital tips to…

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