At eWay Corp, we’re happy to announce our participation in the relaunch of the Amazon RDS Service Delivery Program.

This relaunch by AWS aims to cater to Amazon RDS customers who require AWS Partners equipped with expertise on specific database engines for setting up, operating, and scaling relational databases on the cloud.

The relaunch facilitates validation of AWS Partners by specific type of database engine to enable customers to identify Amazon RDS Partners that can fulfill their implementation and migrations needs specific to database engine in a cost-efficient, secure, and fast process. The database engine types include SQL Server, Oracle Database, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora MySQL, and Aurora PostgreSQL.

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What is Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)?

Amazon RDS offers a resizable and cost-effective solution to automate time-consuming management jobs like database setup, backup, patching, and hardware provisioning. Amazon AWS Relational Database Service is available on various database instance types that are optimized for performance, memory, or I/O. It offers seven database engines you can choose from – SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora MySQL, and Aurora PostgreSQL.

Amazon AWS Relational Database Service Partners provide solutions, which include new migrations and implementations and managing time-consuming and complex administrative jobs. This includes backup for disaster recovery, replication for read throughput and high availability, storage management, and software upgrades and installation.


Through the Amazon RDS Service Delivery Program, AWS recommends AWS Partners – with proven track record of successfully delivering Amazon RDS services by database engine – to customers.


AWS Announced eWay Corp as a Relaunch Partner! What Does This Mean for eWay Corp?

AWS has recently announced eWay Corp’s participation in the relaunch of the Amazon RDS Service Delivery Program.

It is an honor to be a relaunch partner in this program and it positions eWay Corp as an AWS Partner with demonstrated success in providing Amazon RDS services by database engine.

According to AWS, “With Amazon Aurora for MySQL, eWay Corp provides the ability to improve the performance of enterprise databases with up to 5x the performance of a MySQL database. They can help you migrate and optimize your database for security, performance, redundancy, and resilience.”

Partnering with AWS, eWay Corp can offer cutting-edge Amazon RDS solutions to customers.


About eWay Corp

eWay Corp is a global IT Consulting company and an AWS Consulting partner that has been operating in the IT industry for 13 years. We have a simple motto: Forward. Together. We believe in giving our clients digital solution to take their companies to the next level. We transform the businesses of our clients by giving them a strong digital solution that will prove its return on investment. We achieve this by providing in-depth knowledge, data-backed insights, and custom-tailored digital solutions. Our consultants and experts provide a full-cycle solution, supporting our clients throughout the entire process of their transformation with continued support.