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drupal on aws

Why Host Your Drupal Website on AWS

eWay Corp March 17, 2021 2 MIN READ


drupal on aws

Hosting your Drupal website correctly is crucial as it can impact your website performance as well as your business revenues. Moving to cloud hosting helps you take advantage of the cloud’s agility and other rewarding features. You can boost your Drupal-powered website’s security, performance, and availability by backing it up on the robust server infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

If you are wondering why you should host your website driven by Drupal on AWS, this post can help you get an insight on hosting Drupal sites on AWS and the benefits AWS offers for Drupal websites.

Hosting a Drupal Website on AWS

AWS is a leading cloud hosting service provider that offers high tech server infrastructure. It is recognized for being highly reliable and secure.

The serverless computing offered by AWS allows developers to concentrate on their core product rather than worrying about operating and managing runtimes or servers on-premises or in the cloud. AWS frees developers from infrastructure management jobs like capacity provisioning, operating system maintenance, cluster or server provisioning and patching. With AWS, you can create modern applications with heightened agility and reduced time-to-market and cost of ownership.

Drupal hosting on AWS_architecture diagram

Image source: aws.amazon.com

Benefits of Drupal Hosting on AWS

Here are the benefits of hosting your website driven by Drupal on AWS:

1. High Performance 

The level of performance required from your server depends on what type of Drupal website you are creating. A simple website that experiences a decent degree of traffic can function well with a limited shared hosting platform. But in the case of a complex, interactive Drupal website, a typical shared hosting solution may not be ideal. AWS can be a suitable solution in such a case, with which you get a server facility and billing is calculated according to your usage.

2. Better Accessibility to Server Environment

On most shared hosting environments, you have restrictions and limitations that prohibit you from gaining complete control and may not allow you to make updates or changes to Apache or PHP configurations. There also may be limits to file storage and bandwidth usages that can only be removed when upgrading to a higher package option.

This is not the case with Amazon Web Services. With AWS, you get direct control over server instances along with SSH permissions.

3. Control over Infrastructure

Infrastructure needs rarely remain the same, they are ever-changing and need to be adaptable. With other hosting environments, it may be difficult or even impossible to add and remove hosting resources. This causes you to pay money for resources you haven’t used or needed.

Nevertheless, when you choose AWS, you only pay for services you use. If you have services you no longer require, you can easily disable those items. AWS caters to your needs by providing you with a range of hardware types and services in addition to on-demand virtual hosting.

4. Long-Term Commitments Not Required

When you host a website for gauging the responsiveness and performance, it is not a good idea to allocate a lot of resources and machines for a testing project that may be complete in about a week.

The on-demand instances of AWS let you create a new server in just a few minutes as well as shut it down within the same time, without any extra financial costs.

5. Physical Hardware Maintenance Not Required

Using virtual resources rules out the need to purchase and maintain physical hardware. Leveraging AWS Drupal hosting enables you to concentrate on your core competency, i.e., building Drupal websites. It liberates you from having to deal with data center operations.

Wrap Up

With all these rewards of hosting your website powered by Drupal on AWS, start planning for your transition to AWS cloud hosting. If you are looking for direction in this regard, our AWS professionals will be happy to help you. We are an AWS Consulting Partner; our AWS team can help you build a Drupal website in AWS and support you in installing Drupal on Amazon EC2. If you have any AWS Drupal hosting needs, let‘s talk today!