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Big Noise About Wearable Gear 2019; Devices to Watch Out for

Dev eWayCorp October 1, 2019 2 MIN READ



Raise your hand if you feel that wearable technology will be a game-changer in the future? There are predictions galore that wearable technology will soon be surpassing smartphones. If this technological innovation is not the next ‘big thing’ what is? Keeping with the trend, we have compiled a list of impressive wearable gear 2019 which are ready to take on the world.

1. Revolution in medical wearables

There are several smart wearable devices currently in the market, but medical wearables are rapidly becoming popular because of its affordability. Today medical wearables help to track a patient’s condition, offer critical insights helping in advanced diagnosis process. These devices are next-gen powerful solutions for medical practitioners saving both resource and time.

Medical wearables in 2019 can be attached to a patient’s chest for heart rate monitoring and they deliver real-time data to doctors. Zephyr Anywhere’s Biopatch is one such device that can easily send alerts to smartwatches and phones. Wearable IoT in medical gadgets can now support artificial limbs and wheelchairs.


  • Early disease detection
  • Accuracy in diagnosis
  • Precision in data collection
  • Streamlined healthcare operations

2. Ensuring safety with assault protection wearables

The benefits of wearable devices in 2019 will not be complete without speaking about their contribution in protecting women from sexual assault. As per a recently conducted study, 91% of victims of sexual assault are women. The number is indeed disturbing. Companies have launched wearable devices and apps to assist women in distress situations and distract a possible attacker.

With the latest development in wearable technology 2019, one can expect increased awareness and protection from unwanted dangers. The frightening numbers are likely to drop once that kind of protection is rendered. Just imagine how convenient it would be to have a wearable gadget which can easily camouflage in the garment.

The rape protection app is normally connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone. In case of a false alarm, you can close the functionality or activate the emergency rape button in times of potential threat. If you do not close the app within 5 seconds, there will be constant distress communication even when you are overpowered by a predator.


  • Keeping you connected always
  • Constant flow of live data
  • Finding right assistance during distress

3. Intelligence in the form of smartwatches

Apple watch series 4 tops the list of impactful wearable gadgets in 2019. These are one of the few smartwatches with an inbuilt electrocardiogram to warn you about heart complications. This watch is also capable enough to detect a fall and will trigger a danger signal to your close family members and physicians.

Some of the noteworthy smartwatch models include Huawei, Samsung galaxy watch, Fitbit, and Garmin. These smartwatches track your daily activities like total steps taken in a day or the total distance covered. When you want to burn fat and keep a track of your health goals, these smartwatches will come to your rescue.

As expected, our smartwatches will evolve in the future; we will get information in a more usable form in the later stage. Things, like determining glucose levels in the blood, linking our activities to our schedule or monitoring our stress levels, can be easily determined by any wearable gear 2019.


4. Accurate data collection about customers

Wearable technology has evolved over the years. An improved user experience is just one of its facets, but as per predictions, it will also open and enable new business opportunities for digital marketers. Think about smartwatches and Google glass, a sport gear or a galaxy watch active – all these allow marketers to collect essential data about their customers. All information is related to location or buying habits of the target audience.

Technology giants like Microsoft, Google and Intel have come up with glasses modeled on augmented reality. In the future, we may also find high-tech smart clothes. Both clothing and smart accessories will open doors for new business opportunities.


  • Collection of important information
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Newer business opportunities

5. Smarter way to stay connected: smart rings

Smart ring is one of the trending wearable gears of 2019. It is a popular choice among individuals who are mostly confined in boardrooms but want to stay connected. No need to look at your smartwatches while you are busy in meetings. Smart rings are a better alternative. This type of wearable is very handy.

Use your smart ring to swipe for payment or access your homes and cars. Some of the popular rings of 2019 are Mc Lear, Blinq, Lycos Life and Oura. Track your biometric activity data with these smart rings. Or simply activate the panic button if you sense any danger. And even when you misplace it, it is easier to track them through GPS.


  • Advanced GPS technology
  • Easy payment methods
  • Advanced way of life

6. Fit and healthy with Fitness Trackers

Who hasn’t heard of a Fitbit or a fitness tracker? Use of fitness trackers has increased over the years. Gadgets like Xiaomi Mi Band 2S is an improved version of its predecessor which is affordable and comes with several in-built features. You can now capture health data on the go. Even when you are asleep, your health data will be captured.

Advanced fitness trackers are used to capturing data related to missed calls and real-time texts. Even when you are exercising, you will never miss important texts and calls. Some of the fitness wearable trackers that are making a buzz in 2019 are Polar OH1 and Suunto Spartan.


  • Tracking your health data
  • Helping you with your fitness goals
  • Adding value to your lifestyles

Wearable technology is the future. It is not just a hype, but a buzz which is going to stay for good. Slowly as this technology becomes more affordable, it will be integral to our lives. A pertinent question you should be asking is if you are ready to embrace this change?