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Good SEO Practices & the Importance of Organic Ranking for Business Websites

Dev eWayCorp October 11, 2018 2 MIN READ

Digital Marketing

good SEO practices 55

When we try to define good SEO practices, we are faced with vast and dynamic scope. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. Despite this dynamic growth, there are certain vital features for organic ranking that all websites have in common. Although many digital marketing agencies employ these optimization techniques; they rarely cover the entire spectrum of SEO practices. This usually happens because of budgeting issues or the lack of holistic understanding of the process. Having access to powerful SEO tools and applying them are completely different things.

Understanding the Primary Pillars of Good SEO Practices

Although there are several other features of good SEO practices, these 5 are the most critical. Organic ranking on Google is impossible unless you implement these SEO features on a website.

SEO practices are greatly misunderstood. Many agencies still practice SEO optimization according to obsolete standards! Unfortunately, clients rarely know or keep abreast of the changes in processes and thus are unaware of the quality of service received. It is the professional duty of digital marketing agencies to remain diligent in keeping their knowledge base up to date; but certain holistic SEO practices have also always been vital for a high search ranking on Google. To ensure a high organic ranking, digital marketing professionals must implement these features on any business website while by combining them with new insights as they update.

The Advantages of Implementing Good SEO Practices

Here are the 5 Pillars of Good SEO Practices and How They Affect Your Organic Ranking :-

1. Making URLs Easy to Crawl

Search engine bots (Spiders) must crawl millions of webpages for every search command. If your website isn’t easy to crawl, bots will not be able to index your site. Diligent marketers will do a separate ‘crawl test’ for each page and identify weaknesses. Repairing weak page elements is vital for high organic ranking. To get the edge recently, the content and images on a page must be easy to crawl and identify within your business genre as well.

2. Using Headers Appropriately

Just like a book title can draw attention, headers are the first elements that web crawlers identify. Unfortunately, most web developers and digital marketing agencies pay little attention to this factor. Too many H1 tags, the lack of keywords within headers, and single headers on a page are poor SEO standards. Good SEO practices must include editing the web page header tags to improve organic ranking for that page.

3. Developing Mobile-Friendly Web Pages

Currently, about 60% of the people online use mobile devices. Many businesses fall short of this with websites that do not have a mobile-friendly browsing experience. Mobile browsing has a far higher conversion rate compared to desktop browsing. Also, a poor mobile browsing experience will increase the page’s bounce rate, which reduces organic ranking.  Therefore, ensuring that your web pages are mobile-friendly is a key pillar of good SEO practices.

4. Ensuring Regular On-Page Maintenance

When businesses invest in search engine ranking, they prepare for a few months of aggressive optimization. However, it is never a one-time investment. Without regular fresh content, repairing of errors, and attending SEO warnings – the website begins to lose its position. To maintain an organic ranking position on Google, digital marketing agencies must continue on-page optimization on a weekly basis. If the on-page maintenance falls behind, it takes a long time to regain a lost organic position.

5. Professional Content Development

In this day and age, content is still king, and will remain a primary pillar of search engine optimization. However, a lot of online content isn’t suitable for organic ranking. This is because many digital marketing agencies cut corners when it comes to content development. Amateur writers may be able to write on a subject, but SEO-specific content is a different ball game. It takes years of experience and a keen insight of Google’s algorithm structures to be a professional content developer.

6. Continued growth
When you hire any digital marketing agencies to optimize your website, make sure that they implement an SEO-first approach. Once your business website gains a high organic ranking, Google has marked your site as a reliable source of information for your genre. You now need to put in the effort to maintain it.

Sponsored ads on Google can help you appear high on a search page, but it is a temporary position. The moment someone pays more, they will get ahead. In turn, the cost of your own campaign shoots up! While a good digital marketing agency will also implement methods to reduce ad costs; there is always a limit. An organic ranking position is the holy grail of business website management. It takes time and a lot of dedication to succeed in this endeavor. A high organic rank is only possible by following good SEO practices, and meticulous back-end maintenance.

Consequently, a high organic ranking will automatically reduce the costs of your Google Ad campaigns! This is a factor very few digital marketing agencies will reveal to their client. Make sure that any digital marketing agencies you hire are professionally quality and technically updated to provide you with services that help your website.

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