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Cloud Migration

Why Cloud Migration to Azure is the Next Big Thing?

Dev eWayCorp August 12, 2019 2 MIN READ


Cloud Migration

For more than 25 years, SQL and Windows servers have handled critical on-premise workloads for businesses both big and small. Then came the age of digital transformation. On-demand or cloud computing which referred to a ‘system of using computer services over the internet’ became popular. Cloud migration became a household concept. Since then MS Azure remains a trusted platform for storing, maintaining and hosting applications and data.

Now let’s find out the reasons behind MS Azure’s ever-increasing popularity.

Cloud adoption and Azure Migrate

As more business inch towards digital transformation, the first thing that they do is to migrate their data and application from existing SQL and Windows to cloud. Microsoft remains a preferred vendor for this purpose for all businesses.

Take Azure Migrate from Microsoft for instance. It is a centralized hub which combines three activities: discovery, migration and assessment. All your on-premise applications, infrastructure and data will be safely transferred and maintained in Azure Migrate without a glitch. Basically, with an Azure Migrate you have the following advantages:

  • Preferred migration and assessment tools as per your organizational requirements.
  • A single portal which stores all your data and applications
  • Server assessment tools which help to assess on-premise VMware/VMs before migrating to Azure
  • Server migration, database assessment and database migration tools for smooth transfer

Why MS Azure ensures a solid cloud migration strategy?

MS Azure not only offers a solid cloud foundation but also includes a set of services to safeguard and manage your resources. To ensure data security, Azure includes several in-built services which can be configured, updated and can be integrated into Azure.

With Azure Policy enterprise customers can turn on built-in policies or even build custom policies for organization-wide governance. Self-hosted data centers are slowly becoming obsolete. Azure platform on the other hand is enterprise-focused, innovative and is perfect for business as it operates with minimum hassle.

With an Azure strategy at place, businesses can outsource their activities to focus on what they do best, while Microsoft keeps on doing what they do best. This is the most effective benefit of cloud migration. You should not spend time troubleshooting for your infrastructure when you should be ideally building your business.

Because it lacks any time delay or any sort of upfront expenses, Azure can be used by an enterprise of any scale. From a Fortune 500 company to a garage start-up, any organization with an existing Windows Server deployment will find Azure suitable.

3 reasons why Azure remains a favorite for cloud migration plan

Azure was and remains one of the most cost-effective cloud solutions till date. When you compare the expenses with AWS, you will find that AWS is 5 times more expensive than Azure. Azure Hybrid Benefit on the other hand reduces organizational expenses overall by 82%.

Microsoft has a team of cybersecurity experts who ensure that your data and applications in cloud platform is always safe and secure. So, when they say that your data is always safe with MS Azure, they literally mean it.

Azure is the only cloud platform which includes unique hybrid capacities. Many enterprises want to migrate some applications and data to the cloud retaining the rest on-premises. Azure is the only platform which allows you to have a proper hybrid cloud strategy.

Challenges faced by MS Azure users & how eWay Corp can help?

1. Challenge: As you start a major cloud migration by transferring data to the cloud, downtime will be inevitable. A vendor simply cannot promise that there will be no downtime.

Solution: After careful estimation of the total downtime in cloud migration steps, eWay Corp will spread the total time, schedule the downtime phases and monitor the changes.

2. Challenge: One must understand that applications do not operate in silos. When you migrate the applications to cloud, you must consider exigencies and dependencies.

Solution: eWay Corp will consider the different connection configurations which might be invalidated by this transition. An effective way to combat this is to come up with a solid contingency plan before there are serious interruptions.

3. Challenge: There are several enterprise applications which are hosted on external databases. You can migrate the applications to Azure but keep on hosting the database in-house. A better way would be to migrate the entire set-up to Azure. But whatever you choose during migration, you cannot avoid compatibility issues.

Solution: A trusted service provider like eWay Corp will identify and predict these compatibility issues. They will do away with obsolete version and convert the databases without loss of function.

4. Challenge: All CIOS will agree that there are several benefits of cloud migration. But what they are mostly concerned is about information security.

Solution: With eWay Corp, you will have a secure protocol especially at the application level. They will seamlessly implement a proper network with end-to-end encryption.

Why MS Azure is more significant for future?

It is easy to move workloads to MS Azure, but the question that you should be asking is whether you have a robust cloud strategy. Remember that there is no easy journey to successful migration. Nothing can be assured in a click of a mouse. But what can be assured is better control for both assets and processes. For businesses it means that the expenses are realistic and manageable. Also, one must understand that without a proper integration strategy, data quality becomes an issue. Azure ensures that you never compromise on data quality.

One can easily predict that with greater cloud adoption, security and data privacy will be better handled. There will be better defense mechanism against social engineering attacks, endpoint security issues and crypto threats. More and more organizations are relying on cloud backups and retrievals.

Although AWS has been taking a significant lead globally, mainly because it is a cost-effective solution, MS Azure remains one of the trustworthy names for cloud solutions. The future will see more of managed service partnerships. Having the right vendor to navigate you through cloud ecosystem becomes a matter of priority.

Organizations who have partnered with eWay Corp have hugely benefitted from our years of infrastructure and cloud management experience and expertise. We take care of everything: from migration to integration to security and hyper scalability, we bring significant changes in your business. Contact us to know more about our services.