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best cloud management tools

6 Powerful Cloud Management Tools for Increased Business Efficiency

Dev eWayCorp May 7, 2020 2 MIN READ


best cloud management tools

Cloud computing is one of the most valuable technologies of today. As cloud computing is evolving, there’s an increased need for cloud management tools. These tools help you to effectively manage public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. With the right cloud management tools, you can access the hardware and software resources, storage facilities, and processing power.

The right cloud management tool can allow businesses and organizations to have increased speed, security, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Most organizations are embracing cloud management solutions to manage their overall expenses on the cloud and optimize their cloud usage.

There are many tools in the market to assist you in monitoring and managing your cloud applications. They may differ from each other in terms of capabilities and features. To help you choose the cloud management software that works best for your cloud infrastructure, we’ve selected the best cloud management tools and listed them here.

Best Cloud Management Tools

1. Cloudability

Cloudability is a cost management tool to monitor and optimize cloud expenses. With this tool, organizations can monitor the details of resource consumption. It also provides different reports for organizations to analyze and manage finances efficiently.

Here’s what Cloudability offers:

  • Custom usage reports to schedule and share
  • Custom dashboards for a single view of valuable information
  • Budget alerts on exceeding the spending limit
  • RI (Reserved Instance) planner to provision Amazon reserved instances effectively
  • API access for data accessibility from any business intelligence tool
  • Analytics, filtered information views, and multi-user support for comparison of expenses across multiple cloud services

2. Cloudyn

Cloudyn brings various functionalities that help optimize and manage the performance and cost of hybrid and public cloud deployments. The tool chiefly offers valuable insights on expenses and assists managers in deploying resources accordingly. This cloud management software is customized for OpenStack, Google, Microsoft Azure, and AWS deployments.

Cloudyn offers a single dashboard that helps you visualize detailed information about the cloud resources, reporting, and governance. With this tool, you can get insights on the economical use of AWS EC2 instances (Reserved Instances, On-Demand Instances, and Spot Instances). You can also compare the performance and cost of resources on Google Cloud and AWS. In this tool’s premium edition, you can get actionable insights with recommendations and customized alerts.

3. BMC

BMC is one of the best cloud management tools for lowering costs. The platform offers tools for managing cloud operations and lifecycles, which helps organizations to optimize capacity and costs. BMC offers support for various private, public, and hybrid clouds.

BMC provides the following tools to manage services in the cloud:

BMC Cloud Operations Management

This tool offers the capacity and performance management needed for running a robust cloud infrastructure. It provides:

  • Real-time visibility of performance across the cloud infrastructure
  • Performance analytics to find resources that are under-provisioned and prevent outages
  • Automatic workflows to measure usage, forecast, and charge for the cloud services
  • Cloud panorama for assessing the health of all services in real-time for multiple cloud stacks, from the cloud infrastructure to end-user
  • Capacity analytics for analyzing current and future capacity for all resources to plan capacity requirements effectively

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

This tool offers simple scales and uses cases to provision complex workloads in hybrid clouds of production class. It offers:

  • A self-service portal for a flawless user-experience
  • Inbuilt integration with a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) for ensuring governance
  • Security policies to cater to regulatory requirements
  • Provisioning across networks, applications, platforms, and servers

The tool also helps monitor the health of services through dashboards and auto-scale resources up or down based on service requirements to prevent any service disruption.

4. IBM Cloud Orchestrator

This is a cloud infrastructure management software for automating cloud service provisioning with the help of policy-based tools. With IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you can provision, configure, add and integrate service management and development environments. You can also monitor, manage, secure, and back-up your cloud environment in minutes. This tool lets you do all of this from a single, self-service interface.

As per IBM, this cloud management platform helps you reduce the time for provisioning from weeks to minutes and accelerate the time for service delivery by up to 90 percent. This in turn leads to cost savings as the disconnected management tools are reduced in number, common processes are applied, and error-prone manual workloads are fully automated.

You can find this cloud computing management software in two custom-priced editions – the Base edition and the Enterprise edition. The Base edition offers an advanced orchestration platform, a self-service portal that’s fully customizable, and multi-cloud management. The Enterprise edition brings several other advanced functionalities. The tool also lets you access expert resources from the community of users and IBM knowledge center.

5. Apache CloudStack

An open-source software, Apache CloudStack is a highly scalable IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing solution. It lets you manage and deploy large virtual machine networks. This cloud management platform is used by companies that offer on-premises (private) cloud services and service providers offering public cloud services, or as part of a hybrid cloud service.

This tool is a turnkey solution including the complete ‘stack’ of features that most organizations need in an IaaS cloud. The features included are – security, first-class UI, an open and full native API, user and account management, NaaS, and compute orchestration. The solution also provides functionalities like resource provisioning, secure cloud deployments, dynamic workload management, and multi-user support.

Additionally, the tool currently supports several popular hypervisors like KVM, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V. It lets you manage your cloud with command-line tools, an easily usable web interface, and a full-featured RESTful API. For companies that want to deploy hybrid clouds, this tool offers an AWS EC2 and S3 compatible API.

6. OpenStack

An open-source software, OpenStack is designed to create public and private clouds. It lets you control large amounts of storage, computing, and networking resources across a data center, all managed through a dashboard or with the OpenStack API, which gives control to administrators while allowing users to provision resources via a web interface.

Among the cloud management tools, this solution is ideal for heterogeneous cloud infrastructure and it works well with popular open-source and enterprise technologies. Many of the biggest brands of the world use OpenStack for running their daily operations, which helps them to move faster and reduces costs. This cloud management software can also automate important processes and cloud computing areas like workload provisioning and web frontend.

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