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Increase your Profit with Virtualization & Cloud Computing Support

Dev eWayCorp September 6, 2019 2 MIN READ


cloud computing support 44

In a recent study, it was noted that most of the enterprises, big or small use at least one cloud-based application or avail some kind of cloud computing support. A term which is closely associated with cloud computing is virtualization. Although mentioned in the same breath, the two technologies are not interchangeable. But they definitely overlap. Let’s find out how you can use both simultaneously to your advantage.

Virtualization & Cloud Computing Do Not Work in Silos

You cannot build a cloud without the concept of virtualization. Virtualization is essentially a technology or more specifically a software which is used to manipulate hardware. Cloud computing is born as a result of this manipulation. If virtualization is the foundation element of cloud computing, the cloud is on-demand computing services on a pay-as-you-go basis through the internet.

There is one thing that you can be assured of; without virtualization, cloud computing would not have been possible. Virtualization is the basic technology that fuels cloud computing solutions. Although cloud computing depends on virtualization, it has other advantages as well. Cloud is more dynamic, because it is not just about servers or storage, the cloud is also about comprehensive IT services.

Why Virtualization is Crucial for Cloud Computing Support?

If you want to use cloud infrastructure as a service, you will undoubtedly benefit from a virtualized environment. Virtualization helps to manipulate hardware by using the software effectively. In other words, it creates a base for creating virtual environments on servers, storage devices and computers. With this capability, users can maximize the use of hardware elements.

Server consolidation is one of the biggest advantages of virtualization. Often it is noticed that server resources remain underutilized, resulting in bigger expenditure. Why maintain multiple servers which have different functionalities? With server consolidation, it is easy to divide the resources of one server for different purposes.

There are many enterprise networks where cloud services and virtualization are used to create a private cloud infrastructure. Virtualization software helps users to create several virtual servers ‘on a single physical server’. In practice, you will be boosted with functionalities of multiple servers for every physical server you get.

With virtualization, you can maximize storage efficiency. As physical storage capacity is managed by software, it offers a smart allocation of space depending on requests. Not only your data storage capacity is enhanced, but the process also allows an organization to use each storage device efficiently by avoiding extra payment.

How does Virtualization Help Cloud Computing Support System?

Thanks to a cloud environment, companies can access top-tier software applications and different software platforms without going through the hassles of managing everything in-house. With this model, third parties offer businesses with storage and services enabling cash-trapped organizations to reduce bigger capital expenditures.

Previously, it has been essential for vendors to reserve at least one server for their specific business. This is where virtualization comes into the picture. With the increased efficiency of strategic virtualization, it is now possible to use the same hardware to serve numerous clients.

As virtualization and cloud computing work together, it is now possible to avail applications and servers which are too expensive to own. Be it an off-site data storage or innovative solutions for your business, all cloud computing vendors depend on virtualization to make those offerings affordable.

Benefits of Virtualization in a Cloud Environment

1. Safe from System Failures

Technology has the habit of throwing a few surprises your way. You would not want a system glitch when your developer is working on a critical project. To counter this problem, store all your data in a backup server which can be accessed if your systems malfunction.

2. Effortless Data Transfer

It is easy to transfer data from a physical environment to a virtual environment, especially to a server with cloud migration support. With ample storage space, it is easy to locate the specific files and transfer them with minimum hassle.

3. Smooth IT operations

A virtual network helps IT professionals to be more agile and efficient. Store your sensitive data in a dedicated server and access that data remotely from anywhere in the world. Along with enhancing operational efficiency, a virtualized environment has benefitted IT support systems in solving technical issues.

All data is easily available and accessible to everyone, so you need not waste time in recovering data from corrupt and crashed services. In other words, a cloud environment ensures business continuity with minimum interruptions.

4. Cost-effective and Safe Strategy

With total firewall security, your data is secured at a much lower cost compared to traditional methods. Cloud services are properly encrypted with proper protocols which keep your data safe from harmful viruses and malware.

As you get to store your data in virtual servers, you do not need a physical system which cuts down wastage, reduces electricity bills and maintenance expenses. In other words, a virtually-enabled cloud environment is a productivity booster.

Enhanced Business Capabilities with Cloud Computing & Virtualization

If you are planning to invest in cloud computing and virtualization, you need to analyze your business requirements. Having your own virtualized environment has its own perks, but it can be pretty expensive. A good third-party vendor can solve the problem. With a tight IT budget, it will be cost-effective to choose a third-party vendor like eWay Corp with solid virtualization technology. With our competitively priced cloud migration support system, you can rely on us even if you have a complex IT landscape.