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7 Useful Tips from Experts in Cloud Computing Security

eWay Corp April 22, 2020 2 MIN READ


cloud computing security 11

Many organizations feel worried about data breaches and cyber-attacks while considering a move to the cloud. As cloud experts, we understand your concerns, but remember that cloud computing security is not only a cloud provider’s responsibility, it’s yours as well. To ensure a secure environment in the cloud, we give you 7 vital tips to establish a proper security protocol for your cloud environment.

What is cloud security & privacy?

Cloud computing security refers to a broad set of control-based technologies/parameters that are designed to secure and protect data, ensure data security, and the safety of all applications. Data back-up is also an integral part of cloud computing measures since it ensures business continuity during crises or disasters.

With public cloud services, you have your server instances with many clients on the same hardware. The threat of data vulnerability is much more as your data can literally get ‘lost in the cloud’. You also have the fear of losing control of your data.

Private cloud computing offers more control over data required by HIPAA and PCI-sensitive organizations. Think of security and you can’t ignore the importance of control over your cloud environment. That’s why for many, a private cloud environment is the better choice among the two.

Build a Proper Security Plan to Make your Cloud Environment Secure

Protecting your data, whether you are in the private or public cloud, is a matter of supreme importance. And here comes SaaS, or Software as a Service, one of the important tools for ensuring data security in cloud computing. SaaS is a software program which is capable of safeguarding a huge amount of data stored in the cloud. But to minimize cloud security risk and to optimize its potential, you need to assess and understand your IT environment.

Ask your IT provider about the security policies that are currently in place. There are many cloud computing companies in Des Moines, but eWay Corp has always been transparent about its cloud security policies. We believe in creating an environment for our clients with good user control offering limited accessibility and proper data protection.

Fix Cloud Security Issues with These Vital Tips

The advantages of cloud computing are numerous and as one of the cloud services companies in Des Moines, we ensure that our clients have the best experience in the cloud. On the note that intrusion detection and prevention will eliminate most intruders and data encryption will keep data safe, here are our 7 hacks to ensure better cloud security & privacy.

1. Create strong passwords

Create complex passwords which are not easy to decipher. Remember, one of the cloud’s main security vulnerabilities are related to login credentials. Come up with a unique username and password to protect your data.

2. Multifactor authentication

A multifactor authentication process allows better security. Your information will be safe from data breaches if you choose to have single-use passwords. This may be time-consuming but is actually effective against security threats. Most often this includes a code sent to your phone which is used to log in.

3. Ensure standard encryption with authentication protocols

Among the data security measures, this is counted as a standard procedure to protect your data from vulnerabilities. Data passed between the organization and cloud should always be encrypted. This can be done via a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

All VPN users can take advantage of the encryption method. Most importantly, these are private connections which are only accessible to a handful of people. A VPN connection is a must when you have a remote working environment and many are accessing the same data from different locations at a single point of time.

4. Limit accessibility through limited permission

When you allocate permission to share your data with others, it’s essential that you keep track of everyone who is using the data. How do you do this? At eWay Corp, to ensure cloud computing security we allocate permissions and track what exactly the users can access with those permissions. We have noticed that a lot of data is compromised if credentials are shared in a large group.

5. Create data back-ups

Whatever happens, you can’t lose control of your data and that can happen only when you have a back-up of everything. As cloud experts, we dig deep into data security measures because secured data equals secured business in the long run. There are many big organizations which have lost their customer data without a back-up system. We will never want the same for our clients.

If you want, you can create more than one back-up system for your data. As a second-level back-up plan, we have a contingency program in place if there is data loss or data compromise.

6. Install the anti-virus software

At times it’s not the cloud computing security which is at fault, it’s the system from which you have accessed the data. What you need is anti-virus protection which will create a barrier for malicious software and hackers. The anti-virus protection should be updated regularly in all machines that are connected to the cloud environment.

7. Test, test, test!

It’s better to not assume you have a fool-proof cloud computing security plan. The only way to be completely sure that everything is safe is to test it. There are two tasks which all cloud service companies in Des Moines are aware of: vulnerability scanning and assessment, both inside and outside the cloud. It’s a known fact that if you can find a way to get unauthorized access to data, someone else probably can as well.

Cloud computing security is an important aspect and can’t be ignored. The security issues may seem daunting, but can be rectified. Finding a trustworthy cloud provider eliminates most of the risks mentioned above.

At eWay Corp we understand that your business should have its own team to verify the security status on a regular basis. We constantly work on solutions to create a safe zone for your applications and data, and also mitigate risks that might hamper your business. Find out more about our cloud services and get in touch with our team of cloud experts for any kind of services related to the cloud.