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Revolutionize Your AI for SEO With These Easy-Peasy Tips

Dev eWayCorp February 19, 2020 2 MIN READ

Digital Marketing


With AI’s growing impact on our lives, it becomes imperative to include it in different marketing strategies. In the last few years, all search engines have tested and adopted different AI elements for a better ranking of web pages. A pertinent question to ask now: is AI for SEO or is SEO for AI? It’s a vice versa condition as per digital marketers who have started to realize the potential of AI-powered search engines. Let’s rethink and adopt an AI-driven strategy to get the desired SEO results this year.

AI technology and voice search

2020 will see a significant shift from text-based search to voice-based search. According to estimates, almost 50% of the searches will be voice-based. This will also direct the nature of the search mechanism. Text searches have been quite concise and to the point till now.

In the case of virtual assistants, the tone will be more conversational. Previously the query was more direct like ‘best lawn care service in Iowa’. Now, it would be like “Tell me about the best lawn care service companies near me/Iowa”. When talking about AI tools for SEO, you can’t ignore the fact that voice search will become longer and resemble a real conversation. Artificial intelligence will be more adaptive to offer meaningful answers.

Machine learning and content marketing

It is evident that AI for SEO will bring a lot of changes in the future. It will be easier to analyze vast amounts of data with the help of AI. The process will be faster than any experienced team of humans.

In the last few years, Google has resorted to periodic updates of algorithms with major game-changing moves. But, if you notice carefully, you will notice that these updates have been replaced with more frequent and smaller updates.

Even Google’s AI system is moving towards real-time analytics. With the usage of more AI tools for SEO, Google is trying hard to embrace the change. But this is still in a nascent phase. The ‘learning’ phase will be constant and with each new query new updates will be rolled based on the learning.

Finding the right AI-powered tools for SEO

When you want to use AI for SEO content, it is essential that you choose a tool that can boost your content marketing initiatives. There are a few AI-powered tools to get the best out of SEO. But, if you are looking solely for a content marketing initiative, you require a tool designed for content alone. This tool will help you to go for a comprehensive audit with actionable points for both SEO and keyword research.

Use of more images and videos

Using AI for SEO is easy, but you need the right mechanism and correct tools. Till now, search engines have been mostly text-based with videos and images remaining largely invisible to them. It’s time to optimize them for SEO with tags of relevant keywords and text descriptions.

Soon the search engines will be smart enough to decipher and decode audio-visual signals. By looking at the meta tags, search engines will be able to understand the video’s content and rank them. SEO-optimized videos will be the next big thing where both AI and SEO will work for hand in hand.

Content optimization with right keyword research

Half the battle of content is won with the right keyword and right/trending topic. You need to optimize the content as per search results for better ranking. Don’t underestimate the role of artificial intelligence in the future of SEO. With the help of AI, it is easier to find patterns in large volumes of data including those in search volume.

There are tools that give suggestions about the content topic with the right keyword to own the keyword traffic for specific clusters. Based on search data by AI, it’s easier to understand the relevance of trending topics. You will also receive data about what other high-ranking sites are doing to appear on the first page on a specific query.

And it’s not just about new content. AI helps to optimize the existing content for better ranking at queries. You will receive suggestions regarding this. A lot of manual tasks done by digital marketers like keyword research and topic research will be taken over by AI.

Personalize your messages with AI

Impress your customers with personalized messages which are thoughtful and show that you are attentive. A simple statement like “You may also like” drives instant connection with the audience. AI for SEO has opened new avenues for local SEO. It’s now easier to promote a new product or a service to people in a designated area.

With the advent of machine learning and AI, local SEO is going to flourish in the next few years. As AI can collate more data, more AI algorithms will be created to make better decisions. This will ideally lead to hyper-personalization. A day will come when each customer will receive a personalized message which will be solely aimed at them.

Future of automation

Undoubtedly SEO is a labor-intensive industry and many of the tasks are repetitive. If we can automate the tasks to receive better results, this should be the top priority for our clients. The time and energy saved via automation can be better applied in other areas that require skill and strategy.

Some of the areas which can benefit from AI are content distribution, technical audits, internal linking, keyword research, content optimization, and tag management. With AI for SEO freeing time for digital marketers, they can indulge in more challenging areas of SEO.

Those who are looking to benefit from AI and automation should rethink their strategies in the following categories:

  • Focus on rule-based automation to tackle time-intensive, but simple jobs
  • Think about user experience by creating speed monitoring alerts. Importance should be given on engagement rates
  • Break longer tasks into sub-tasks
  • Try to focus on the balance between automation and human labor

It’s time to up your SEO game with the help of artificial intelligence. You shouldn’t miss out on the immense potential of AI to revitalize your SEO techniques. As one of the leading SEO companies in Des Moines, eWay Corp can strategize and execute a perfect plan to better your rankings.