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Our WordPress Support Includes

  • Has Your Website Been Hacked Into?
  • Can’t Set Up the Payment Gateway?
  • Is Your Website taking Too Long to Load?
  • Is Content Disappearing from Your Website?
  • Has a New WordPress Plug-in Just Crashed Your Site?
  • See a White Screen instead of Your Web Page?


As your WordPress agency, our primary focus is on the performance of your custom WordPress websites. Get all types of bugs fixed for speedy performance. Hire WordPress experts who can make your websites perform like an F1 Supercar.

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Our WordPress custom development comes with our guarantee of unbeatable security. Our ace system administrators and developers monitor your websites all around the clock to fix any red flags.

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WordPress development service from eWay Corp ensures that your websites remain a step ahead of your competitors by monitoring routine updates. We’ll be regularly updating your website’s features for the latest version of WordPress as soon as it goes live!

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Custom Template

Not happy with templates in the WordPress Library? Our WordPress development service includes custom templates designed to your tunes.

Mobile Ready

Our WordPress custom development makes sure that your website layout automatically adjusts to a tablet or mobile screen without losing graphic integrity.

Google Friendly

eWay Corp’s digital marketing team tracks Google’s frequent updates to make your WordPress sites naturally SEO friendly and helps you generate market influence.

24/7 Support

Each of our custom WordPress websites receives 24×7 support from our crack team of system administrators to prevent errors, crashes, or attacks.

Cost Effective

We strive to make sure that your website is strategically the most cost-effective design based on your budget, choice of plugins, and scale of operations.

Fast Loading

Any of our WordPress sites are completely modified to load faster with optimized images, enabling cache, and other features to enhance load time.



    The Month in WordPress: March 2020

    The month of March was both a tough and exciting time for the WordPress open-source project. With COVID-19 declared a pandemic, in-person events have had to adapt quickly – a challenge for any community. March culminated with the release of WordPress 5.4, an exhilarating milestone only made possible by dedicated contributors. For all the latest, read on.


    Google Chrome Will Block Mixed Content – Are You Ready for It?

    Recently, Google Chrome announced that they will soon start blocking mixed content also known as insecure content on web pages.This feature will be gradually rolled out starting from December 2019. This should give website owners enough time to check for mixed content errors and fix them before the block goes live.


    Proposal to Update the WordPress Coding Standards for Modern PHP

    WordPress is a dinosaur. If you are a PHP programmer and have had the opportunity to work outside of WordPress in the past 10 years, there are likely one or two or a few dozen things that frustrate you when diving back into the project’s 16-year-old codebase. At a time when WordPress is gifting JavaScript programmers with the latest and greatest goodies, those doing PHP work can feel left behind.


    WordPress custom development is one of the most cost-effective ways to build an awesome website. Since these websites are designed from scratch, they are quite distinct from the typical free or paid templates available in the WordPress library. Also, a WordPress agency like eWay Corp can re-write the code and re-design your website for any additional or special features apart from available Plugins or Applications. However, being a customized solution, there is no specific cost for customized WordPress development service. The total cost will depend on the scope of your project, and how many pages / individual sites you require for your company. You can leave us a scope of your project and get an estimation by filling in the details in this form.

    There are several types of WordPress experts, and it requires their combined efforts to create custom WordPress websites. A Proper WordPress agency would have specialist developers, graphic designers, content developers, and SEO strategists. However, a dedicated team of expert developers is the most important factor for robust WordPress custom development. The development process might take some time depending on the number of distinct pages / sites that you want in your domain. It also takes considerable time to set up your website’s SEO optimization. You should hire WordPress experts after carefully identifying their past projects, and how they can satisfy your web development requirements.

    A slow website in today’s day and age is as good as dead. People won’t wait for more than 7-10 seconds for a page to load. However, large images and high content volume takes some time to load. Other technical factors like non-compressed Javascript, disabled Gzip, or W3C validation failure, etc also slow down your site. Unfortunately, only experienced SEO experts and WordPress developers can identify exactly what is wrong, and how it can be rectified. It takes several different actions to rectify them all. If you hire WordPress experts like us though, we make sure that even content-heavy pages load quickly. Your visitors only wait seconds for their awesome browsing experience to commence, and they remain engaged with relevant information and tactically placed CTAs.

    When it comes to protecting your WordPress website, some factors are technical, while others quite fundamental. WordPress development service providers have a professional responsibility to protect your website. However, many people who design their own WordPress site often miss out on the most fundamental factors. For example, beginner WP users often forget to change the default admin name or use a strong password. Also, using an older version of WordPress may leave you susceptible to hacks. There are also several paid plugins which do an excellent job or securing your website. Our dedicated system administrators monitor the server 24×7 to ensure that no websites hosted by eWay Corp are attacked for too long; and initiate recovery actions instantly!

    WordPress Plugins allow us to install interactive features and media on custom WordPress websites. Many Plugins are free to download, but these are trial versions of a better product. Any commercial website should use Paid Plugins, since they are much more secure and functional. Plugins come in a massive variety, and there are nearly a million (and growing) different kinds in the WordPress library. As your WordPress agency, eWay Corp uses Paid Plugins very judiciously. We use Free Plugins for lesser features like count-down counters or simple forms and CTAs. For features like your Payment Gateway, SEO optimization, or Security Certificates, we use only the Premium Versions of the required Plugin.

    There are several ways to improve custom WordPress websites, and it all depends on your business requirements. If you are an eCommerce site, you need to regularly upload product details and update your payment gateway accordingly. If you are a commercial website, you need regular blogging and new Landing Pages for seasonal PPC campaigns. If you are a branding website, you need to integrate with RSS feeds and send out newsletters. However, this constant cycle of new pages and updates takes a lot of development and strategy. Only a reliable WordPress development service provider with the right team of experts can guarantee such prompt results.