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We draw inspiration from many different places. The world is our creative playground and it inspires us whenever we work on a creative design project. Come along and explore the creative possibilities with us!

Design Strategy

Our effectiveness to design highly usable interfaces come from our process. Our creative process is based on the seven key UX factors of credible, useful, findable, desirable, valuable, usable and accessible. We will undertake extensive research of your target customers, your competitors, and the current market trends to create a UI strategy that is sustainable, invites more traffic, and increases engagement.

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Our Creative Process

Creativity isn't a one-step process. We compose ideas, brainstorm, and lay down a firm blueprint filled with details and benchmarks. After the brainstorming and drafting is completed, we proceed to carefully monitor our progress while applying strict quality control measures to ensure that deliverables adhere to time constraints while maintaining our unmatched standards of quality.

  1. 1


    Project Analysus, Brief Consultation & Research

    Consultation & Project Manager

  2. 2


    Wireframes, Design Concepts & Finalization

    Project Manager & Designers

  3. 3


    XHTML/CSS, Concept Integration & Custom Code

    Project Manager, Programmers & Designers

  4. 4


    Live Testing, Quality Assurance & Code Validation



    Final Validation, Invoicing, Pricing & Deliverables

    Project Manager, Programmers, Designers, Testers & Quality Assurance Team

Creative Design Research

Our experienced researchers can quickly gather relevant information for all of your graphic design projects. We are experts in data gathering and curating innovative on-target design solutions. We will help you target your market, plan your work, and use your findings for optimum results.

Drafts and Wireframes

Wireframes save time and help define the design process by creating a stripped down layout that focuses on the basics. When presented to customers, the wireframe shows how the design is intended to look with functional elements but without the flourishes of a full mock-up. This helps materialize the concepts that have otherwise been left to everyone's imagination. Work with one of our wireframe experts as they sketch, plan, and perfect your UI.

Interactive Prototypes

Bring us your design files and we will bring them to life with clickable, interactive and usable fields and visual elements. Prototypes are created using HTML/CSS and sometimes even JavaScript so that you can see what the final product will look like inside a browser. It's basically a working shell without a back-end programming interface. No data is fetched from or saved to a database.

Graphic Design

UI/UX Plays an important part in the experience of the application whether it is a web or mobile app. Success of the app depends on a seamless design experience, clean functional layout, simplified display of data, and level of interactivity. At eWay Corp, we work closely with customers to establish a set of creative guidelines to ensure that the user interface is consistent, intuitive, functional, and usable.

Conversion Focus

We design experiences that achieve a business goal - to guide the visitor toward completing that one specific call-to-action by using persuasive design triggers such as implementing pop-up prompts and forms that are targeted at users. We then integrate these forms with a variety of data collection points such as CRM systems.

UX/UI Best Practices

We understand how UI plays into UX and design your architecture with principles of simplicity and usability. Users shouldn’t need a map in order to navigate through your app or website, the design should guide them from where they are to where they need to go. We implement a clear visual hierarchy to ensure a clear navigation path. The end result is a design that works every single time.

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