Iowa Sports Foundation


    The Iowa Sports Foundation (ISF) is a non-profit sports management organization that helps develop amateur sports in Iowa and promotes positive lifestyles and physical fitness through athletic events and health education programs. The ISF hosts the Summer Iowa Games, Winter Iowa Games, Live Healthy America, Live Healthy Iowa, Live Healthy Iowa Kids, Fall Fitness Day, Go The Distance Day, Hoopin’ at the Dome, Net Fest, Fish Iowa Games, the ISF Mud Run, and the Iowa Games Golf Classic. The Iowa Sports Foundation, Inc. (ISF) was created June 20, 1986, as a non-profit entity. The ISF is governed by a 33-member board of directors made up of former governors, athletic and corporate leaders from all parts of the state. Corporate sponsorships and entry fees provide the major source of funding for the ISF.


    The Iowa Sports Foundation has their website for the foundation as well as the website for their division “Adaptive Sports Iowa” hosted on GoDaddy and running of a Windows Server running Plesk Control Panel. The control panel was prone to memory overloads causing the web server to crash and make the sites unavailable. Iowa Sports Foundation came to eWay Corp to find a solution for the problem.


    eWay Corp helped moved the websites to Windows Instances on EC2 to prevent web server crashes and ensure greater uptime. The sites became more stable with the ability to handle more traffic loads. We now have the ability to scale the instance vertically or horizontally based on load factors – something that was missing on the GoDaddy platform. A CloudWatch alarm was set up to monitor system parameters and send alerts. Migration to AWS allows the foundation to run their business without interruption. We can predict performance and make changes to the environment as needed.


    • Predictable Performance – Websites are stable and do not crash
    • Environment Upgrade – Operating System upgraded to the latest ASP.NET framework
    • Scalability – Ability to scale as needed
    • Reliability – System does not crash

    • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework 4.0
    • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
    • RDS – SQL Server Database 2008
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012on EC2
    • CloudWatch
    • Backups to S3