Iowa Gaming Association


    The Iowa Gaming Association (IGA) is a non-profit organization that was created in 1999 to support the state’s gaming industry. It is an advocate of commercial gaming in Iowa and communicates timely and accurate information about gaming to its members, the public and Iowa’s legislating bodies.

  • The IGA:

    • Educates the public about the economic impact of gaming.
    • Promotes programs related to the gaming industry in Iowa through collateral pieces and other public awareness initiatives.
    • Provides the latest trends in gaming industry to help citizens make informed decisions based on facts.
    • Facilitates interest and acts as a solution provider to prevent gambling by creating awareness, as well as initiate gambling treatment programs.
    • Communicates regulatory revisions to member casinos and other interested parties.
    • Supports its members’ commitment to hire and promote women in gaming.
    • Keeps itself abreast of legislative issues related to the gaming industry in Iowa and in the country.

    The Gaming Association (IGA) runs the website This ASP.NET website was developed by using a proprietary CMS called BlueJet. It was hosted by a third-party service provider on-premise on behalf of the Association. The client wanted to initiate a process for moving that application to AWS to achieve reliability and cost-efficiency.


    eWay Corp moved the website to a Windows EC2 Instance running IIS and the database to an RDS – SQL Server instance. A CloudWatch alarm was setup to monitor CPU, memory, disk space and send alerts. Migration to AWS allowed the Association to run their website without any problems.


    • Website & Database performed as expected
    • Scalability – Ability to scale as needed
    • Reliability – System does not crash

    • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework 4.0
    • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
    • BlueJet
    • RDS – SQL Server Database 2008
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 on EC2
    • CloudWatch

    Iowa Gaming Association Case Study


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