Why our complete managed hosting will help your ecommerce business grow

Secure peace of mind

With our drive to secure all data in a custom-built, dedicated cloud engineered just for you, we don’t believe in too much protection. We ensure frequent security scans, software compatibility checks, and performance monitoring that will keep us, and more importantly, you up to date on small problems we deal with to prevent any large ones from coming.

Site speed

A seamless purchasing experience is crucial for today’s online shoppers. A site that doesn’t load fast enough could be an immediate turn off for someone looking to make a purchase, resulting in a lost sale. Keeping your website updated will be one of our top priorities, so your site won’t slow down ever.

Reduced costs

Whether you’re using up too much of your or your team’s time undertaking the management of your own servers or you’re bringing in-house expertise to do the job, it prevents your budget from focusing on more company growth. Our team of experts can provide the professional work you need for a fraction of that cost.