What is a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

A Readiness Assessment is a strategic evaluation of your business’s ability to migrate to the Cloud. To better adopt the elasticity and agility of cloud computing and infrastructure to your business, it is suggested that you undertake this review. The cloud can bring several benefits for your business. To achieve them, it is vital to plan well ahead to take full advantage of your Cloud Migration.

Understanding the Scope of a Cloud Readiness Assessment

Every business is unique in the way it manages its infrastructure. Resource requirements are driven by organization structure and business models. Our expert analysts will review your business objectives and help develop the best migration strategy. A thorough assessment for your compute needs will provide you with an analysis to prepare you for the transition. The eWay Corp Cloud Readiness Assessment will also include a list of prescriptive features which your Cloud Migration strategy should include for best results.

  • Business
  • Compute
  • Budget
  • Personnel
  • Assessment

Identifying your Business Objectives

Have you identified points in your business where compute flexibility is crucial?

Inventory of Business Applications

Have you prioritized the Workloads that should be moved to cloud (i.e. email servers, SaaS, websites, business applications)?

Identifying your budget

Have you identified your current IT budget next to the price of hosting?

Identifying your Personnel Requirements

How many people do you currently employ to manage your IT infrastructure?

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