best testimonial plugins for wordpress

It’s not wrong to say that how many leads, conversions, or sales your website generates is proportional to how much trust consumers have in your brand. That being said, it’s important to incorporate elements into your website that show your brand is trusted by many. Here comes the role of customer testimonials.

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web security solutions

Web security is not a luxury, and it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. As businesses continue moving online, ensuring your website’s security and consistent accessibility for customers becomes crucial for the success of your business.

According to WebARX, around 30,000 websites are hacked each day. The type of attacks vary, but the consequences often include large financial and organizational problems, which can’t be ignored.

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new features in PHP 8

You’ve probably heard whispers of the new exciting thing in the world of PHP development, PHP 8 – the upcoming major version of PHP. Earlier this year, we published a post on the latest trends in PHP web development for 2020, and we briefly introduced PHP 8 in it. In this post, we’re going to dive deeper and take a look at what this major release has to offer.

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WooCommerce 4.0 is finally here! It was released on March 10th, 2020. The major focus of this update is to move towards a more React-driven experience. This release comes with a set of impressive WooCommerce 4.0 features, but the most striking one is a new admin interface. What does this mean for you?

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With the global spread of Covid-19 having a notable impact on workspaces worldwide, many employees are working from home. But what’s the cybersecurity implication of this shift? In an effort to adopt the ‘new normal’, employers can’t overlook the aspect of cybersecurity for remote workers. Here’s how you can address the security gaps and handle vulnerabilities, which are part of this ‘new normal’.

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Software as a service (SaaS), an innovative branch of cloud computing, has been embraced by businesses across the globe for the unique benefits it brings to the table. SaaS involves the delivery of applications in the form of service over the internet. With SaaS, businesses and individuals need not install and maintain software; instead, they can simply access the software via the internet, liberating themselves from the management of complex hardware and software.

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latest trends in php development

The web development landscape saw several updates and changes in the year 2019. 2020 too has witnessed significant changes up to now and more updates are on the way. This landscape includes PHP web development, which, although isn’t a favorite of all, is still widely used.

PHP has always been criticized by developers, with some finding the framework to be backdated, mediocre, and crappy.

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Like images and JavaScript, CSS plays a significant role in influencing the performance metrics of the site. Inlining CSS refers to the practice of integrating a portion of the code directly into the place where it will be used. This makes the code run faster resulting in the rapid loading of pages.

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drupal 9 readiness

With the release of Drupal 9 on June 3, 2020, website owners are focusing on upgrading their Drupal websites to this latest version as quickly as possible (if not, why?). At this moment, many site owners might be overwhelmed and concerned about different things regarding the Drupal 9 upgrade. To provide clarity and direction, this post offers a Drupal 9 readiness checklist to help site owners smoothly carry out the upgrade to D9.

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web hosting mistakes

Even just one hour of downtime can be a website owner’s worst nightmare. Besides just the expenses, your online reputation can be at stake. You could even land in legal trouble. To sum up, this spells disaster for your websites. Don’t take any chances and let us help you avoid some common web hosting mistakes.

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