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The client manufactures and supplies car wash equipment and cleaning solutions across North America. It offers automated car wash equipment including friction rollovers, tunnel touchless car wash systems; as well as enterprise level machines for dealers, fleets, and rental agencies. To enhance their business line, the company provides accessories and support equipment that includes appearance-enhancing add-ons, tire, wheel and underbelly cleaners, dryers, water reclamation systems, and activation and payment terminals. To complete their full-service sales, they also supply detergents, car waxes and protectants, and wash specialty products. They also provide maintenance and repair services that serves car wash operators, gas and c-store car wash owners, and auto dealers.


Car wash operators are consolidating, suppliers are becoming vertically integrated trying to become full service providers with equipment, chemicals, service and parts/accessories. Industry Innovators are disrupting the market targeting new investors with game changing equipment e-commerce models. To gain market leadership and scale their business the client required to take their parts sales online by building a modern website capable of displaying thousands of products. This was done to make it easier for car wash operators to order parts without having to go through normal sales channels. The client approached eWay Corp to design and develop a central database schema to support three e-Commerce websites, one each for their three brands and then design and develop each of the stores. Additional requirements included sales tax for continental USA, shipping integration with Fedex and customer payments via credit card and PayPal. The site needed to be responsive and mobile friendly to enable users to shop online from their phones and tablets. The stores also needed to meet SEO standards for greater visibility on search engines. This would then complete a rounded out digital commerce experience.


After successfully working alongside the client-side team, eWay Corp had built a knowledge of the brands, the team behind their digital efforts, and the internal business processes. Through interactions brought about by the collective efforts on past projects, and the work proximity of eWay Corp (a Des Moines based national digital solutions provider) to the client headquarters, eWay Corp was able to strategically identify a solution for taking their parts stores online.

A project of this complexity required planning and collaborative project management with involvement of stakeholders from both sides. eWay Corp’s engineers started by working with the client to consolidate the parts database including specifications, photos, pricing and related information. The database schema was designed and site architecture setup. Products were then imported on to the store and the navigational hierarchy setup. In the meantime, our designers and programmers were busy streamlining the look and feel of the stores using HTML and CSS.

Once a basic template development was completed and store was made mobile responsive the team moved to programming features into the site. The stores needed significant work on their back-end development in programming the cart and checkout to behave per the requirements. Tax calculation and charge was achieved via use of API services connected to a third-party service. The team moved to integrating FedEx shipping API to calculate shipping rates and generate shipping labels to make the fulfillment process seamless and integrated into a single platform. To finish up the entire site was made SEO compliant for indexing and better search results. The entire development from start to finish was achieved in 5 weeks.


  • Brand Stores taken online to makes parts available 24x7x365
  • Easy Checkout with Credit Card payments
  • Multiple shipping options including Ground, LTL, Fedex
  • Automated Shipping Label generation
  • Automated tax calculation for all states in continental USA
  • Hosted on Google Cloud for high availability and redundancy
  • Secured with Web Application Firewall to protect against attacks
  • A well supported D-commerce experience to build customer relationships and drive loyalty


  • PHP 5.6
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • MySQL Database
  • Google Cloud Services


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