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Cascade CMS Development Services

If you’re looking to build or edit your site on the Cascade CMS, let eWay Corp help you out. eWay is a developing partner of Hannon Hill’s Cascade CMS and can help you to not only build you a reliable, secure, and high-performance website, but also give you the tools to launch a cohesive campaign to grow your digital business as only Cascade can do.

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  • Is the layout on your Cascade CMS website broken?
  • Is your Cascade CMS site running slow?
  • Do you have a lot of errors on your CMS website?
  • Are you paying too much for your website development?
  • Has a module or plugin crashed on your website?
  • Do you see a white screen instead of your web page?

Ease of Access to User Friendly Platform

Cascade CMS is for every user. Its easy access platform allows non-technical users to create content, embed forms, edit images, or rearrange navigation; thus, easing the burden on your technical team. Evidently, this system has been working for the higher education industry and mostly companies with 1,000-5,000 employees. As your technology partner in building your content management system with Cascade, you can fully count on eWay for a reliable support system along with the ease of technology provided by Cascade.

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Efficient and Precise Work with a Decentralized System

Very large organizations like educational institutions cater to an expansive target market. With the use of Cascade CMS, website management has never been easier. Share content across multiple pages and sites easily. Get your content out timely and accurately with content ownership solely in the hands of your content creators. After all, no one knows the content better than the subject matter experts themselves. We are one with Cascade CMS in putting ownership to the hands of your content creators and we stand by to support them.

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Enhanced Visitor Experience

The overall experience of your site visitors and target audience is the bottom line of all web development efforts. Cascade CMS provides a comprehensive toolset that lets you track visitors’ behavior, turning this information into the ability to improve targeted content, and taking this load off your shoulders. Let the technology and support of eWay and Hannon Hill take your content to a higher level.

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Custom Template

Cascade has utilized world-class designers to create templates that are guaranteed to fit your organization. eWay will place any finishing touches you may need whether it be design tweaks or a color change to match.

Intuitive Workflows

Cascade CMS allows you to create workflow permissions so certain people such as content writers can edit, but only administrators & managers can approve publishing.

Google Friendly

With numerous SEO tools at your disposal that work across all sites, pages, & campaigns, you can comfortably watch your business rise in the search rankings with ease.

24/7 Admin and Support

Not everyone is going to have the answers for everything, that’s why we’re there every step of the way. Whether it’s a simple content question at lunch or a company emergency at 3 in the morning, our team and system are structured so someone is always on call ready to help.

Free up IT

Partnering with both Cascade CMS and eWay will not only free up the budget in your IT department, but it will also give your team more time developing your business instead of maintaining your domain.

Cohesive Development

One of the greatest things to set Cascade apart is the utilization of its connectivity. If you publish pages or information in one part of your site, you can easily have parts or all of the content published across different pages or even separate sites.

We can Support your Cascade CMS Website

A Cascade CMS Expert will contact you in one business day.

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    Why does Cascade CMS make sense for my organization?

    In blended environments like that of universities and higher education institutions, there can only be so many branches or departments. It is in industries as vast as these that Cascade CMS brings a timely solution on integration, data definition, web service interaction, custom applications, content strategy, internal and external migration, and graphics and UI design. These comprehensive services have proven effective and flexible to the needs of massive organizations like higher education, government, and non-profit sectors.

    What we can do with Cascade CMS

    Cascade CMS is seasoned in managing large projects for big organizations like the educational institutions that continue to utilize it. Its scope goes far beyond web design and development. Its system reaches content management integration in the enterprise-level. Having seen its share of fruitful years in the educational institutions it serves, Cascade CMS maintains the capability to manage complex projects and demonstrate its undeniable experience in project management. With Cascade CMS, you have your organization covered where these projects are concerned:

    • Planning and Documentation
    • Design and Content Planning
    • Template and Functional Development
    • Testing and Quality
    • Deployment
    • Project Management

    Cascade CMS Project Process

    The project management solution of Cascade CMS involves a project manager and a project management timeline. You can be assured that things do not fall off schedule as the project outline created upon project set-up establishes the timelines and the roles and responsibilities surrounding the project. The project approach of Cascade CMS employs an effective mix of the traditional process such as the Rational Unified Process and the modern Agile methodologies and approaches. The guarantee is a project delivered on time and within the projected budget. Among the resources involved in making successful projects possible are:

    • Project Manager
    • UI/UX Developers
    • Content Strategist/Planner
    • CMS Programmers
    • Quality Testing Analytics

    Cascade CMS is developed and owned by Hannon Hill. It is tailored specifically to the needs of the education and government markets. Because Hannon Hill does its homework, the continuous updates to Cascade CMS reflect the precise needs of the clients in the education sector. Hannon Hill is one step ahead, knowing what their clients want six months to one year from now.

    Cascade CMS is priced relatively higher compared to other systems similar to it, but with a bigger tradeoff. Because Cascade CMS is user-friendly, it alleviates the burden from clients’ technical staff and empowers contributors to work their way through the system, leaving their technical team able to focus on more relevant tasks. Content updates are easy and automated. So you are able to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities and increase the effectiveness of your website. The pricing is straightforward, without hidden costs. With the purchase of the Standard Installed License, you also receive free licenses for your test, development, and standby instances. In addition, you will have access to download modules and reports free of charge from Cascade Exchange and be able to customize them to your needs. These are extended services you may take advantage of as you wish. You can be sure you are not paying for anything you do not need.

    The Project Management Approach of Cascade CMS is patterned under the success of managing enormous projects of government and educational markets. A Project Manager is assigned to each project upon its conception to establish timelines. Upon the set-up of a project, the Project Manager is in charge of establishing roles, responsibilities, and timelines throughout the project duration. The Project Manager coordinates the timelines to meet the desired goals and expectations of the government or educational sector it serves.

    Unlike all other content management systems, Cascade CMS provides a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to manage the entire life cycle of your content. This way, you have visibility and involvement in the planning and strategizing of targeted, quality content. Thus, you can effectively promote your site and use actionable data to track and measure success.

    Hannon Hill understands the consistent need for fresh, quality content. So the free content audit template generator was conceived. And yes, it is FREE. With this tool, your content contributors have control over targeted, effective and valuable content. The audit template generator rids you of misspellings, broken links, and accessibility infractions for the content you create and repurpose. It is a smart tool that identifies and fills content gaps, evaluates the quality of your content, and improves low-performing assets.

    Cascade CMS is a web-based application and it is centrally managed. So it is available to all users via network connection, making web content available to all users across all browsers and platforms.

    The system requirements for Cascade CMS are:

    CMS Server
    CPU: Quad-core (minimum) / 8-core (recommended)
    Memory for Cascade CMS application: 6 GB RAM (minimum) 8 GB RAM (recommended)
    Hard Drive space available: 10 GB (minimum) 20 GB (recommended)
    Operating System: Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 Mac OS X Server (10.9+) / Linux (64-bit)

    Oracle Java 8 Server JRE (Java 8u60 or later) or JDK (64-bit recommended)

    CMS Database

    MySQL 5.7 / 5.6 / 5.5 OR Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2014 / 2016 OR Oracle 11g / 12c
    Memory (RAM) for database server: 4GB (minimum) / 8GB (recommended)

    Destination Web Server: Apache / Microsoft IIS / nginx / Zeus Web Server