Would you ever sell your house without listing the address?

The question sounds absurd yet this analogy is happening to some degree all the time with websites. The real estate agent – SEO crawlers reach out to your site and are looking for information however if your code is not systematically built and titled accordingly the crawlers lose their way and cannot find the most important content in your site. These agents may find your address but it’s like your front door is shut and locked because your most important content never becomes relevant to your prospects since the crawlers never get past the front door.

Do you wonder why your SEO ranking isn’t higher or SEM campaign doesn’t seem to be working?

It could be the site map, duplicated pages, missing meta descriptions, poorly written headlines, alt tags or missing schema or other challenges the crawlers are having once they get to your site. If you are thinking about or starting a digital campaign you will want to do a web audit to insure your site has optimized its search visibility level before you throw hundreds or thousands of dollars at a SEM campaign, then wondering why the ROI did not align with campaign metric goal.

eWay will help find the right way to improve your Internet Marketing Effectiveness

[1]According to the Digital Evolution study conducted by the CEB in conjunction with Google, B2B clients have completed 57% of their research before serious engagement occurs with prospective sales teams. What this means to you? You can have superior products, services and content but if the SEO agents don’t convey this to the prospects, they will be unable to access this information.  We liken this example to the idea of the missing address or locked door in your virtual house. Here’s the bottom line for you during the purchasing cycle: the decision makers move from problem recognition → solution comparison → supplier comparison → validation. Without a well built, SEO rich site, your prospects may never get to your site to evaluate your products and services. This is like planning and hosting an open house as a strategy to sell your property and no one shows up however in your case it’s your business and your products and services.

Publish your address and unlock the door with the eWay audit

Our comprehensive report includes:

  • Homepage rank grade on a 100-point scale which includes action items to improve the site business objectives
  • Domain optimization map analysis
  • Semantics analysis
  • Schema implementation
  • Keyword implementation
  • On-site architectural structure analysis
  • CMS SEO configuration
  • SERPS performance and visibility analysis, including google analytics: monthly search volume, strategy and insights, link, domain, social shareablitliy, behaviors, sessions, traffic estimates and ranks and more.

SEM and SEO work to increase search visibility

[2]Google search results include organic and paid advertisement. If you are just beginning your SEO journey, Google has some excellent resources such as:

Please note advertising with Google will not have any effect on website presence in Google search results. Google recommends the best times to conduct an audit is just before the launch of your website or SEM campaign. Always keep in mind that to sell the house you must list the address.

[1] CEB Marketing Leadership Council in partnership with Google. The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing. CEB. 2012.

[2] Search Console Help. Do you need an SEO? Google. 2016.