Make the Most of AWS WAF with eWay Corp


Security is paramount when it comes to using the cloud for your web applications and AWS WAF helps you achieve that. With AWS WAF, you can protect your APIs and web applications from a wide range of internet threats. eWay Corp, an AWS Select Consulting Partner, can help you leverage the benefits of AWS WAF to the maximum. We recommend the use of AWS WAF for client enterprises owing to the following advantages it offers:

tick_blue Helps protect APIs and web applications from common vulnerabilities

tick_blue Offers ease of deployment

tick_blue Helps you save time and invest it in building applications with Managed Rules

tick_blue Lets you control which traffic reaches your web application

tick_blue Is cost-effective, with you paying only for what is used

tick_blue Integration of AWS Firewall Manager enables you to centrally define and manage rules

Why Use AWS WAF?

  • Quick Protection from Web Attacks

    Updates and rule propagation in AWS WAF take less than a minute, which lets you update security across the environment quickly when any issues occur. Hundreds of rules are supported by WAF, which can examine the incoming web request with minimum impact on the latency. AWS WAF protects web applications against attacks by filtering the traffic according to rules that are created by you.
  • Time Savings with Managed Rules

    Managed Rules for AWS WAF enable you to get started quickly and safeguard your APIs or web applications from common internet threats. You can choose from several rule types, like the ones addressing CMS (Content Management Systems) threats, issues such as the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 security risks, or recent CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). You can invest more time in creating applications as Managed rules get updated automatically when new problems arise.
  • Better Visibility of Web Traffic

    With AWS WAF, you can get near real-time web traffic visibility, which can be used for creating new alerts or rules in Amazon CloudWatch. You can control the way metrics are emitted, enabling you to monitor from rule level to complete inbound traffic. Additionally, AWS WAF provides comprehensive logging by collecting the full header data of each examined web request, which can be used in analytics, security automation, or auditing purposes.
  • Ease of Deployment and Maintenance

    You can deploy AWS WAF easily and protect web applications deployed on EC2 instances fronted by the Application Load Balancer, Amazon CloudFront as part of the CDN solution, AWS AppSync for GraphQL APIs, or Amazon API Gateway for REST APIs. You don’t need to deploy any additional software, manage any DNS configuration and SSL/TLS certificate, or set up a reverse proxy. With integration of AWS Firewall Manager, you can define and manage rules centrally as well as reuse the rules across all web applications requiring protection.
  • Cost Effective Protection of Web Applications

    AWS WAF requires you to pay for only what you use. With AWS WAF, you get a self-service, customizable offering, with the pricing based on the number of rules you deploy, and the number of web requests received by your web application. There are no upfront commitments and no minimum fees.
  • Integration of Security with How Applications are Developed

    You can configure every feature in AWS WAF by employing AWS Management Console or AWS WAF API. Because of this, your DevOps team can define rules specific to applications that boost web security as they build applications. This allows you to incorporate web security at several points in the development process – from the developer writing code initially, to the DevOps engineer performing software deployment, to security administrators who enforce a group of rules across the organization.

IDC expects the global spending on security to reach $174.7 billion in 2024, with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.1 percent over the forecast period of 2020 to 2024.

AWS WAF - Case Studies

  • BDS Laundry

    BDS Laundry Systems, partnering with eWay Corp, used AWS WAF to increase the security of and customize accessibility for their web application.

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  • Iowa Lottery

    Iowa Lottery Authority Leverages AWS WAF to Protect their Web Application from Common Internet Threats and Customize Application Accessibility.

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Reinforce Web Security by Leveraging AWS WAF

AWS WAF facilitates agile protection of your web applications and APIs against internet threats. Our cloud migration and deployment team can help you get started with using this innovative tool for your organization. We can help you secure your web applications as well as make management of AWS services easier and simpler.