What Does the AWS Cloud offer me?

  • Simple Interface

    The AWS interface was designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. It allows your AWS partner to host multiple applications without hassles. So, whether you’re migrating an existing application, or developing a new SaaS-based program – AWS migration is the right choice.
  • Unmatched Flexibility

    AWS server migration service will allow you to select your choice of Operating System, Database, Programming Language, or Web Application platform. This unmatched flexibility to host your application regardless of environment is the true power of AWS.
  • Cost Management

    AWS migration helps you manage your money without the need for long-term contracts or fixed costs. Our AWS cost strategies allow you to only pay for the resources you consume. There’s no need to invest in your own hardware or operate a complex administration system.
  • Scalable Performance

    AWS cost scalability gives your business ultimate agility without much capital expenditure. Our AWS database migration service allows you to scale up or scale down rapidly according to your needs. Utilize resources according to the current scale of your operations.
  • Flawless Security

    The AWS system uses physical, operational, and software processes to secure the system. With regular updates and constant monitoring, the services can stand up to any attack. Detailed information on security measures is available on the AWS Security Center.
  • Complete Reliability

    With the right AWS partner, you can take full advantage of the best cloud hosting service provider in the global market. Hence, eWay Corp has the perfect AWS database migration service to empower you, while you can trust the unshakable repute of the Amazon brand!

Cloud Computing ranks third (28 percent) in the CIOs overall IT investment priorities for the year, behind enterprise applications (35 percent), and data/business analytics (33 percent).
Source: The 2018 State of the CIO survey.

Our Service Offerings

  • 1Strategy

    As your AWS partner, we work with you to understand which applications need be moved to the cloud, traffic loads, environment requirements, and network configurations. We create added value for you by strategizing your total AWS cost according to the scale of your project.

  • 2TCO Assessment

    We select the best processes for your business needs and build a cost analysis of  your AWS migration. We create an individual business case for you to better evaluate the changes to your enterprise before and after migrating to the cloud.

  • 3Proof of Concept

    By testing an application in the cloud environment before finalizing, you can thoroughly test before implementation. Our AWS server migration service offers you a realistic proof of concept. Get a clear idea of how AWS migration and the advantages of eWay Corp as your AWS partner.

  • 4Migration

    Our AWS database migration service will help migrate your applications with minimal downtime. This could be a lift-and-shift strategy, or re-architecting part of your application. However, as your AWS partner, we ensure complete backup during any project.

Swap Capital Expenses for Operational Expenses with AWS Cost Management

With AWS cost management, you only pay for the resources you consume during your operations. You don’t need to lock-in capital to buy expensive servers and networking equipment. Our AWS database migration service will help your business switch the expenditure format.

Benefit from Economies of Scale with a Reliable AWS Partner

Our AWS server migration service will help you redefine the economics of your business processes. Aggregate thousands of consumers into the cloud, and significantly lower your variable costs and other technology expenses. AWS cost management gives you better economies of scale, translating into lower pay-as-you-go prices.

Eliminate the Need to Estimate Capacity at Each Stage with AWS

Most businesses struggle estimating capacity with efficiency, especially as they grow. This results in scenarios where you are left with excess unused or, in some cases, insufficient capacity leading to performance bottlenecks. On the cloud, these problems are eliminated through provisioning and scaling available at a click.

Better Speed, Flexibility, and Responsiveness with AWS Migration

Provisioning resources for in-house or co-location environments can take weeks. AWS migration only takes a few minutes. Hence, our AWS database migration service has a great impact on your business’ ability to respond to changing needs. Instantly remove unnecessary resources or procure new ones.

Lower your IT Costs Steadily by Moving to the AWS Cloud

As your AWS partner, eWay Corp starts lowering your IT costs by evaluating a winning AWS migration strategy for your business. With careful AWS cost management and constant support from our AWS experts, your business sees significantly lower IT costs over time.

Global Reach at your Fingertips Through Managed AWS Migration

Your AWS partner can help you publish your application to an environment in any one of the 55 Availability Zones within 18 Geographic Regions. Thus, eWay Corp’s AWS server migration service is designed to help your business globalize without restraints or delays.